Monday, July 20, 2020

Batgirl #47 Review

You Are Killing Me!

Written by: Cecil Castellucci
Art by: Robbi Rodriguez, Jordie Bellaire, and AndWorldDesigns
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: July 21, 2020

I have not been digging what Cecil Castellucci has brought to Batgirl, and it seems as I am not the only one.  If you haven't heard, DC has canceled this book with issue #50 being the last issue. It sucks, not because I will miss reading about Unearth or tales of the living metal, but because Batgirl is a great character and one of my favorites.  I said it sucks, but maybe a breather will do the character good because it has been a hot mess for a while and only worsened when Castellucci stepped in.  With that, perhaps she can end on a high note with some Joker War tie-in issues.  Let's find out...

Any time we get the Joker in a Batgirl issue, you have to cringe a little.  I am not among those who want to erase the Killing Joke from my memory, but I think writers need to get past it by now.  It's as tired as the crowbar with Jason Todd, and while I love that both characters overcame their trauma, bringing it up over and over has made them one-dimensional at times and a well to go back to anytime the Joker shows up with a few days to kill.

Cecil Castellucci goes to the well, but she makes sure that Barbara is in control here, and the best parts of this issue are when Babs shows that no matter what, she won't let the Joker beat her again.

The whole issue comes down to the Joker needed the passcodes for Batman's older computers.  It's a bit cliche for him to go right to Barbara, but that's the setup, and it isn't horrible.  The issue does get a little longwinded and padded, and that's where it goes a bit astray.  Barbara is one of the smartest characters in the DCU, but she jumps between being that and being not so to suit the story's progression.  She has a Bat-alarm in case of trouble but has it in the hallway of her apartment.  She finally gets to the alarm but hasn't reset it, and it goes to Alfred...which would still go to the mansion, but the Joker owns that now!  However, Castellucci shows a disabled Babs has grown and elevated herself since being shot by the Joker and, in a nice touch, kicks his ass that way!

However, in the end, the Joker wants the codes, but Batgirl gives him riddles, and they both end up taking each other out.  It ended up looking like Catwoman and Joker before the (non) wedding, but I won't count that against it!

This was my favorite issue of Castellucci's run, and while it was far from perfect, I liked a lot of the interactions between the Joker and Barbara.  Is it a critical Joker War issue?  I wouldn't even call it necessary,  but for Batgirl fans, it's a bit of a reminder of how strong their favorite character is, and that's something I can always get behind.

Robbi Rodriguez's art was good in this issue.  His style reminds me of Javier Fernandez, and I know that will make a lot of people smile.  Nothing wowed me overall, but nothing made me scowl either.

Bits and Pieces:

Batgirl #47 is not a necessary Joker War issue, but it's not a bad read for Batgirl fans.  Cecil Castellucci gives Babs a chance to kick the Joker's ass, and while it doesn't erase their past, it doesn't need to.  Overall, this is the best issue in Castellucci's run so far.


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