Monday, July 20, 2020

Detective Comics #1024 Review

Writer: Peter J. Tomasi
Pencils: Brad Walker
Inks: Andrew Hennessy
Colorist: Brad Anderson
Letters: Rob Leigh
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: July 20th, 2020

Batman has found Harvey Dent in the Gotham Armory, and Harvey has suited up in a Batman mecha-like suit that the GCPD "squirreled away". But things are getting crazy, as Talons and the Two-Face cult members show up. What side will Harvey choose to fight on?

And Batman starts off by naming the sides that Harvey has to choose. Batman's side, Two-Faces side, or the Talon's side. Harvey chooses Bats and starts the guns blazing'! And it's pretty badass! Fighting together, they just start taking out both Talons and his cult members. There's a great panel where Harvey's shooting fire from his suit and there are Talons climbing all over him on fire.

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As much as I just don't like Talons nowadays (I dunno why, it just irks me), the fight between Batman and Lincoln is pretty damn awesome. Batman has the upper hand in the fight and it's pretty obvious that Lincoln is rusty and off his game. After informing Harvey that these Talons are already dead so he doesn't have to hold back, Batman doesn't back down either and he uses Freeze technology to take out Lincoln. Joker, who was watching along but now only has audio because of the destruction from the fight, makes the joke about hearing ice crackling and Batman mixing drinks. Everything Joker does in the cutaway scenes is great, by the way.

Harvey starts really getting destructive and creates this huge explosion, killing a bunch of Talons and cult members... and it brings out Two-Face. He stands up and picks up on of his followers to kill them, claiming they betrayed him, but Batman shuts down the suit so he can't move. He tells Two-Face that he needs him to stay still for the surgery... to take out the bullet in his brain that Joker has been using to manipulate him.

Using his usual crazy gadgets, Hugo Strange's endoscope, and the camera linked to his cowl, Batman successfully removes the device and the bullet from Harvey's brain. After a huge bombastic fight like that, this doesn't sound too entertaining but it's pretty intense. But with the device out, who will be in control? Harvey or Two-Face? And what will happen to him now that he's in custody? You can find out both of those answers at the end of the issue.

Bits and Pieces

There's a lot of action with some great breaks of the Joker giving commentary and just being classic Joker. It's pretty cool seeing Batman not have to hold back and, uh, put someone on the rocks. The art again is incredible and Walker's Two-Face in particular is killer. Although I'm so glad that the Two-Face cult thing is over, it's because of Walker's art and because I think Tomasi writes the character itself well, that I hope we see Two-Face again soon under different circumstances.


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