Tuesday, July 21, 2020

The Flash #758 Review and *SPOILERS*


Written By: Joshua Williamson
Art By: Christian Duce, Scott Kolins, Luis Guerrero, Hi-FiLetters By: Steve WandsCover Price: $3.99Release Date: July 21, 2020

 *Non Spoilers and Score At The Bottom*

 The Flash is in an interesting place. Despite having set up one of the most intriguing stories just a few issues ago, we haven’t gone anywhere with it since. I say it a lot so I honestly feel like a broken record. There’s too much set up in comics nowadays. I completely understand that writers want to set up their stories properly so that there are proper weight and consequence to what happens afterward. I understand that feeling and I totally respect it. That being said, instead of taking half an issue or even an entire issue, writers currently are sometimes taking two issues or more to set up what turns out to be a rather mediocre story. This might be fine for readers who only buy trades, but for comic fans that want to go to their local store every week and spend their money on these issues, it’s starting to feel like a waste of money. Unfortunately, I don’t think this is going to change anytime soon. So until that changes, let’s hope that this book at least can finally capitalize on the intrigue that this story started with. Let’s jump in and see.

 Our issue begins in the aftermath of the attack on Central City. The attack lasted a total of 5 minutes and 13 seconds. This is significant because it is a clear message to Barry who was born on May 13th. Thankfully there were no casualties in this attack and Barry races around to try and give some little comfort to those affected but ultimately, he isn’t able to do enough. We cut to the precinct and find that Barry’s lab has been destroyed. It was clearly a target considering how much the lab means to Barry. Iris tries to comfort him but while knowing that they are all still out there, her words are of little consequence. Barry resolves to think like his enemy even though he hates it. We cut to a secret hideout below Central City where the Legion of Zoom is currently in hiding. Everyone except for Thawne is there but they don’t seem to be on good terms as infighting begins quickly as the members don’t seem too keen on working together. Thawne shows up in time to kill the infighting and while he keeps most of his cards to his chest, he does reveal that he has a secret weapon for The Flash.

We cut back to Barry and his family as they have decided it’s for the best if Iris and the young speedsters leave the city for a while. They say their goodbyes and Barry is left to figure out Thawne’s plan. First, Barry calls up his father to make sure he is doing alright. They share a brief conversation in which his father encourages him. Knowing that his father is safe though, allows Barry to focus more on Thawne once again, so he returns to his childhood home. He walks through for a little while before he is suddenly jumped. He is surprised to see the Tornado Twins there to greet him and they attack without hesitation. We are treated to a very quick reminder about who these two are before the attack continues. Turns out that the Twins are not alone, they’ve brought the entire Legion of Zoom with them, and Barry quickly finds himself outnumbered and outmatched.

The Legion pummels Barry with blow after blow until he is unable to stand up and he rests at their mercy. This is when Thawne steps in to execute his next step. He rants for a while about how he always tried to become the Flash but he was always unable to step out of the shadow of Barry Allen. He suddenly begins to vibrate and tells Barry that today that changes and he will become Barry Allen. Thawne tells him that the right vibration can do incredible things and then he begins to merge into Barry as he screams out in pain. When things are finished Barry stands up, but it isn’t Barry anymore. Thawne has completely taken over his body. He promises the Legion that they will get everything they want but first he has to deal with the Flash’s family. Meanwhile, somewhere else we see Barry but he recognizes that he isn’t inside of the Speed Force. He is suddenly attacked and when he regains his composure he sees the decayed version of Jesse Quick and Max Mercury coming right for him. This is where the issue leaves us.

So ironically, the Flash is moving at a snail’s pace right now. And yes, I’m sure that’s totally the first time someone has made that observation. The majority of this issue is trying to give the reader a sense of what’s happening inside of Barry’s head. He’s trying to get into Thawne’s head which is a nice lead into what Thawne does later by literally getting into Barry’s head. The end of this issue is actually pretty nice. It moves the story along and we get new obstacles for Barry to overcome. Unfortunately, it just takes so long to get there with very little as a legitimate threat. We get a couple pages of Barry speaking to his father and while it may become important later, that conversation holds almost no weight whatsoever in the story currently. It confirms that his father is safe, but that could be done with a panel or two. I just feel like we keep getting sidetracked from our main story. The ending is pretty well done though. That’s quite a cliffhanger. Though I am worried that the next issue will spend too much time trying to explain what’s happening in Barry’s head but I’ll withhold judgment until I actually read it.

 Bits and Pieces

 Most of this issue feels like we are just stalling for time. We are building and building until we hit that point in which the villain finally makes their move. The cliffhanger is really great and intriguing but the majority of this issue is just kind of dull. There is virtually no follow up on the attack from the previous issue and we spend most of the issue just waiting around and focusing on things that for the moment do not have any bearing on the story. I’ll give credit for the great cliffhanger and some good art but this series needs some new energy breathed into it.


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