Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Detective Comics #1025 Review

Writer: Peter J. Tomasi
Pencils: Kenneth Rocafort
Inks: Andrew Hennessy
Colorist: Dan Brown
Letters: Rob Leigh
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: August 11th, 2020

Batwoman returns to Detective Comics as this issue is mainly about her and her part in the Joker War. She and Batman haven't gotten along since Tynion's run but they need to work together to save Lucius Fox from Joker's henchmen.

Joker's clowns have set up in a graveyard, shooting mortars and bazookas at the Gotham police, lead by Harvey Bullock, who have to stay at a safe distance. But then comes Batwoman who rides her bike right into the clowns and starts beating them up, giving the police the time to hustle in.

Cut to Wayne Enterprises where another group of clowns have Jokerized Lucius Fox and making him use a weapons 3-D weapons printer. I'm not sure if the drones they make him send out were made by the weapons printer, but they're Bat-drones painted with Joker colors and smiles. There's a room of clowns sitting in front of monitors and drone controls with fast food and stuff. I thought that was funny.

Anyways, the drones are sent out and two of them go to the graveyard and start attacking Batwoman and the cops, but Batman shows up and blows on of them up. Then he's literally flown into by the other one, hits the ground, and the cops shoot at that one and blow it up.

Now Batman and Batwoman have to put aside their differences and save Lucius, and they do so by sneaking into Wayne Enterprises and using this huge tank whose cannon is a stun emitter, crash through the wall, and just start going to town on the clowns. Anyways, they save the day and give Lucius the antitoxin.

Bits and Pieces

Bullock was really the only good part about this issue, other than Batwoman actually getting Batman to say "please". It was just a meh tie-in issue that you may personally like if you're into giant hi-tech tanks. I did enjoy the sketchy style of art, mostly. Some of it is GREAT but also some of it is not all that good at all, so it's rather inconsistent.


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