Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Justice League Odyssey #23 Review

Writer: Dan Abnett
Art: Will Conrad
Colors: Rain Beredo
Letters: Andworld Design
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: August 11th, 2020

With only three issues left, things are starting to heat up as JLO takes on Darkseid and the new New Gods. With Epoch sending there Green Lantern Jessica Cruz back in time, do they even stand a chance or are they better off?

Epoch starts off the issue, trying to reset the universe with his revision mechanism. It's two different Epochs from different times; "Presently me" and "currently me" and they both have creepy smiles. They both have creepy smiles as they work on eliminating Darkseid from the timeline.

Meanwhile, Darkseid and his new New Gods are fighting the Eskaton and Darkseid is getting his butt kicked. The art is pretty awesome, as it always is with the Eskaton. The JLO watch on, hoping the Eskaton finishes the deal... but Darkseid gathers his strength Omega beams the crap out of him. Eskaton fights back and even clocks Darkseid right across the jaw, but Darkseid puts his fist right into the Eskatons belly and right out through the back, killing the Eskaton. This was a very cool fight! The JLO poop their pants a little and run away.

Suddenly Cyborg can talk again and tells Darkseid he should rest. Darkseid tells him that he can speak now because Darkseid has lost power in his fight with the Eskaton, so his control over Cyborg has slackened. He asks if Cyborg will take the opportunity to turn on him, and Cyborg says no.  Then he sends Cyborg off to kill Epoch while he recovers.

He doesn't make it far because he's attacked by the JLO crew, and in another good fight Cyborg takes them all down... and then Jessica Cruz steps out of the shadows. She talks to her old friend and realizes that Darkseid's control over Cyborg has weakened because he's talking again, so she does her best to try and pull the good guy out of him by talking.  Eventually, she succeeds and they share a hug and some tears.

But what about the two Epochs? Well, they've been talking Hax who said she could help, but Hax has a big surprise for them...

Bits and Pieces

The art in this issue is great, especially during the two awesome fight scenes. Darkseid is such a force too and he looks great after his big battle, eyes smoldering from his Omega beams. Most of the JLO didn't need to be in this issue other than to have their butts handed to them, but Jessica Cruz did and she accomplished what she's been trying to do for who knows how long now: get one of her friends back. There's also a surprise ending that I for one did not see coming. I enjoyed this issue a lot and I hope they keep it up for the final two issues.


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  1. Thanks for the review, Joey. Honestly, I am glad that this series will be wrapping up, but this issue was certainly a nice change of pace. Plus, seeing Darkseid and Cyborg in action together was awesome to see. Even the twist you mentioned was a good shock too. I hope they keep it up with the next issues because I've got this nagging feeling that they'll simply "revise" Darkseid or depower him again.