Tuesday, August 11, 2020

The Flash #759 Review and *SPOILERS*

Worst Disguise Ever

Written By: Joshua Williamson
Art By: Rafa Sandoval, Scott Kolins, Jordi Tarragona, Arif Prianto, Hi-Fi
Letters By: Steve Wands
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: August 11, 2020

*Non Spoilers and Score At The Bottom*

Our latest issue of the Flash really was a drag as almost nothing of importance happened until the very end of the issue. Flash faced off with the Legion of Zoom and Eobard used that opportunity to take over Flash’s body and send Barry deep into his own subconscious. With Eobard now behind the wheel, things could get seriously bad for Barry and the entire Flash Family. I’m just ready to see this story finally pick up and start making moves that affect the storyline rather than just continuing this slow build that we’ve had for several issues at this point. I’m ready to see some real movement, so hopefully, as we dive into this latest issue, that’s what we will find.

Our issue begins with the classic, “I’m Barry Allen and I’m the fastest man alive” schtick that we are so used to but this time it has a twist as we understand the words coming out of his mouth are actually those of Eobard. He decides to be The Flash that Barry should have been and he takes his first trip to meet up with Impulse of Young Justice. He moves so fast that the world pretty much stops as he comes to meet Impulse. Impulse is apologetic for not meeting up sooner, but Eobard tells him there is nothing to worry about and the two of them should work together and they’ll return before his friends even realize that he’s gone. Meanwhile, we cut Barry’s subconscious where he is being met with the zombified versions of Jesse Quick and Max Mercury. He initially feels responsible and falls into his guilty but the two give him encouragement and when Barry collects himself once more, he sees the two as normal. He tells the two about the situation and Max Mercury decides that he will teach Barry everything he knows about the Speed Force before getting him to retake his body and considering Eobard is already with Impulse, they need to do so quickly.

We cut to Central City where the past Rogues are tearing up the place in their latest heist. Eobard and Impulse show up to stop them and the team retreats but Trickster tries to throw a bomb at Eobard but he throws it back and Trickster is caught in the explosion. Impulse is worried and says that they should get him to a hospital but Eobard turns to him and digs into him deep. He begins stating that he doesn’t have what it takes to be a hero and that the last time he was The Flash was such a huge disaster. He then leaves Impulse alone and runs off with the charred Trickster. We catch back up with the Legion of Zoom as Eobard returns and yells at the group for not staying hidden. The team is getting impatient though. Just then Eobard starts to lose control of Barry’s body but is able to fight it off. He instructs the team to get some items that will cement his control over The Flash and promises that he will fulfill their needs once he has them. He leaves as Trickster brands a smile across his face.

We cut to Iris who is with Avery and Wally in an old home owned by the West family. They’re trying to lay low but Eobard shows up and tells them the danger is past. He tries to convince the family to join him in order to defeat Eobard, but he is suddenly attacked by Impulse who comes out of nowhere. After knocking Eobard away he confronts the Flash family and tells them the truth about the situation and finally reunites with his grandmother Iris. Eobard isn’t finished though as he now stands face to face with the Flash Family and tells them that he plans on ending their futures early just like he has to so many others. However, just then, he is interrupted by what seems to be Jay Garrick, but he refers to Barry as his son so maybe it’s Henry Allen? I think that’s what they are implying and this just so happens to be a hole in my Flash knowledge. Anyway, that’s where the issue leaves us.

This issue is far better than the most recent issues. Yes, there are still some convenient things about this story that aren’t explained but don’t really have to be in my opinion. How does Eobard find these people in the first place? He’s from the future and has superpowers. I can ignore that it isn’t explained and I’m completely fine with it. However, the reason I enjoy this issue is because we finally stop talking about what’s happening, and instead, we actually see things happening. Eobard is directly influencing the comic through his actions. Those actions have consequences and move the story forward. Our heroes find themselves faced with a proper threat and have to overcome these obstacles. We are seeing things that we actually want to see in a comic book. Yes, perhaps we didn’t get enough time with Eobard trying to pretend he is Barry before we lifted the mask off and our heroes finally realize it is him. However, after issues that featured almost no story progression at all, I’m happy to finally read a book that doesn’t pace around the issue and avoid any legitimate scenes that are worth my money to read. This issue instead takes the ball and runs with it and I’m just thankful that things are finally happening, and that those things are pretty damn entertaining too.

Bits and Pieces:

The Flash finally stops tiptoeing around the story and instead finally lets us sink our teeth into it as we go from 0 to 100 real quick. Are we going to spend time seeing the consequences? Partially, but those scenes serve to further the plot as we make our way through this issue. So many issues feel like we could just skip to the cliffhanger and we would know everything that is going on in the issue. This issue actually decides to be different an add stakes to their story. A real treat to read. Good job creative team. You finally got one.



  1. Okay I know I'm kinda out of the loop but Iris mention bad memories and her father's "moods". Like I said I'm out of the loop. I only read this title when Wally is in it. No disrespect to Barry but frankly I don't give a rat's @$$ about him and wish he'd stayed dead. Wally is and always will be my Flash. Sorry. I went off on a tangent. My question is what's the deal with Iris's father in current continuity? Is Ira West her father? And I know in the Rebirth Special Wally said he was named after his GREAT grandfather so I know that's not Iris's father's name. So what's the deal with Ira in current continuity? Does he exist or does he have a different name? And did they retroactively make him a jerk like they did with Wally's parents post-Crisis? I hope not I always like him even if his appearances were few and far between. Any information would be appreciated.

    1. I don't recall anything with Ira West after Flashpoint, but I'm assuming that we're still dealing with his old continuity, especially for how much Pre-Flashpoint stuff they keep referencing in the Flash book.