Friday, August 28, 2020

Plunge #6 Review

Writer: Joe HillPencils: Stuart ImmonenColors: Dave StewartLetters: Deron BennettCover Price: $3.99Release Date: July 25th, 2020
It's a bittersweet moment as Hill House comics comes to an end with Plunge #6. Or DOES IT??? Huh? Huh???? C'mon, let's get another round, Joe Hill! Or... it could be... maybe something actually happens here that alludes to its return...

Being the final issue of a series I really do think you should read, I'm not going to waste a lot of words on what happens when, let's be honest, most people go down to the Bits and Pieces and read the rating. Read this book. It's awesome.

We don't really find out why Moriah was chosen to open up the hatch for the creepy alien worms, and we really don't even see how she even does it. She just touches it and it opens, and when it does then the worms come out of the bodies they inhabit and enter the opening. The thing about the hatch though is that it's clearly man made, and the inside even has a sticker of a red circle with a slash through it and a creepy alien worm in the middle, saying no creepy alien worms are allowed inside.

It becomes obvious that the Russians made this to keep whatever is in there away from the worms, because we see Russians in a submarine speaking Russian and looking concerned. Those Russians don't last long when they come to the surface and are suddenly destroyed by this huge ass monster. It's got all these yellow eyes and it's just gross. But, with the connection to the Dollhouse Family, it does kind of look like what an underwater version of Cloax would look like. Very different but still lots of eyes and just a massive creature made for destruction within its environment.

The tide is coming in for the crew of the McReady, tied to the totem polls, but Moriah is able to make it back in time to save Gage. She goes to release Bill while Gage goes to do the same for Clark, but Clark is already dead. It's hard not to get emotional when you see the underwater scream that Gage releases before he kisses his little brother on the forehead and has no choice but to leave him there.

When Moriah, Gage, and Bill get back to the shore, we get a callback to those super cool Burn Doubt balls that they used to stop the fire in the McReady. Gage tosses one and hits that scumbag Lacome right on the noggin. And then he just walks right up to him and punches him in the face. But there's still this enormous crazy creature in the water and how are they going to stop it? Those Burn Doubt balls can be used as explosives when lit on fire. They have flares that light up underwater. Gage grabs both and he takes the Plunge...

 Bits and Pieces

For such a well written story throughout this run, the last issue does seem a little bit chopped up and crudely cut uncharacteristically enough for you to notice something is off and things may have been changed, but it's still an outstanding comic book with incredible art. Plunge is a great read, and if you love comics and you love horror and/or science fiction then this is an absolute MUST. And that last page reveal? BRING IT.


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