Monday, September 21, 2020

Aquaman #63 Review


Trench Party

Writer: Jordan Clark
Artist: Marco Santucci
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: September 23, 2020

Jordan Clark finishes up his Aqualad story this month, and I liked the first issue, so I was looking forward to reading this. I am all about Grandpa Jessie AI, and I've been wondering how Clark would tie this one up and if you could teach an old AI new tricks. So, let's get to the review...

While all hell is breaking loose in Atlantis, Jackson and Grandpa Jessie have their hands full of the Trench in Xebel. Now, they aren't even supposed to be there, but it's all hands below deck (!) when it comes to a Trench attack 'cause a Trench attack don't stop! When Jackson runs into his Xebel crush, Ha'wea, they head off to join the Xebel defense, where Aqualad's aquakinesis is sure to come in handy.

The fight is on, and Grandpa Jessie AI goes from throwing shade at Jackson to wanting to get the hell out of Xebel with his grandson. Throughout all of it, Jackson puts himself in danger to help others, and Clark does an excellent job of showing he is a kickass hero.

Clark also sets up a few things for the future as the Trench continues to attack and even starts to overwhelm the makeshift, Xebel army. That's when Jackson has to decide if he wants to risk his big electric/aquakinesis finishing move to take out the Trench. If you remember, it was the move that hurt Mera previously, so he has been wary of using it too much.

The issue ends with a couple of resolutions to family problems, and I am looking forward to seeing if Black Manta keeps his promises. Grandpa AI says he won't, so I guess it will just be swept under the seaweed. We do see that Grandpa AI is woke and that was nice to see.

Bits and Pieces:

Jordan Clark gave Aqualad fans a nice two-part story that was true to the character and had some real feels moments. The art by Marco Santucci was great, and I wouldn't mind seeing them together on more DC books in the future.


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