Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Batman/Superman #12 Review


Brain Damage

Writer: Joshua Williamson
Artist: Max Raynor
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: September 23, 2020

I have wanted to like this book, and while I won't blame Joshua Williamson for the first long arc that was only a setup for the Hell Arisen mini-series, it hasn't been great since that ended either.  He seems preoccupied with showing us what we already know, the fact that Batman and Superman are best friends, while his stories all go from cool to stool by the end.  This issue starts a new arc, so I hope it can buck the trend and keep the momentum going and stick the ending.  Does it at least start good right here and right now?  Let's find out...

Things start well enough with Steel and Batwoman investigating some destruction in the Batcave.  I love both of these characters, and Williamson continues to show he does his homework by mentioning Natasha, which made me smile.

The mystery devolves a bit when the Batcomputer gives them access, and a recording from Batman gives them the 4-1-1.  We all get a recap of that "original" idea Williamson introduced where Batman and Superman were gathering intel on the DCU villains. Still, it expands a bit here to show they were playing around with Minority Report type of shit since then.  It's another one of these times where Batman (and Superman this time) has gone a little too far.  You know, contingency plans and Heroes in Crisis Sanctuary bullshit that gets people killed!  This time, however, it may bite him fully in his Bat Ass!

What is going on, and what are Steel and Batwoman going to have to do to save them?  Well, the lead up to the destruction gets convoluted as shit!  We have the Chemo's responsometer from Metal Men mixed in with the restored City of Kandor, a hacked Batcomputer, Brainiac, a volcano, and more.  It's Silver Age goofiness that I do like, but it's also vague setups without much coherent explanation that Williamson tends to do, which I am not a fan of at all.  Depending on where this goes, I am willing to call it a wash and have some fun with it.

The big twist is a garbled part of the transmission that sends Batwoman and Steel into the frying pan and the fire.  I understand they were the ones who got the distress signal, but why aren't they calling more heroes in?  Superman and Batman being captured is not small potatoes!

We end the issue seeing that the dark side of the moon isn't as cool as Roger Waters promised, and while Batman and Superman are on the run, there isn't much time left for anyone in this us and them situation.

Bits and Pieces:

Batman/Superman #12 is a wonky but fun setup to Williamson's Planet Brainiac arc.  I need a little more solid footing next issue, because while I love the Silver Age feel here, the overall story doesn't have much meat to it yet.  I liked Max Raynor's art, and love getting a Batwoman/Steel team-up.   I hope this is finally the arc that gets me fully interested in this book.


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