Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Suicide Squad #9 Review



Writer: Tom Taylor
Artist: Bruno Redondo
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: September 23, 2020

I will not spoil what I think everyone knows is going to happen in this issue!  I mean, you can figure it out from the cover, but I won't spoil it!  Besides that, though, I was looking forward to this issue because I love this book and enjoy reading it.  That's pretty cool, right?!?  I do like some things, so don't be so shocked.  Let's jump into the review, shall we?

We start things off with Thylacine and Chaos Kitty looking cool as "people in black" as they do some senator-napping in Washington DC.  It's a bittersweet kind of scene since I want to see so much more of these two characters, but there is just not much time left to do it.

We quickly get Fin interrogating the Senator underwater, and again, this is the sort of full team effort I've been waiting for since this run began.  Everything looks great, thanks to Bruno Redondo, and the quick scene changes are accelerated even more with Tom Taylor's snappy dialogue.  It's not a shock that the Squad is trying to find out the whereabouts of Ted Kord as well as a few secrets that might help take down that bastard!

The pace slows down a bit with a nice little scene with Deadshot and Harley and then gets the feels going when Zoe and Dogshot get scolded a bit.  It seems the apple didn't fall far from the tree, but Floyd doesn't want that to continue, so he has to make a promise to his daughter that Taylor turns into the best shade-line in the whole series so far.

We continue with more awesome teamwork as the Squad heads off to take down Ted Kord, but there isn't much left to do when they finally get to him.  I won't spoil what happens (this isn't even the spoiler that I wasn't going to spoil in the first place!), but I wasn't buying it from the get-go.

The issue ends with Deadshot showing that he is both the smartest and dumbest guy in the room until he isn't.  While we get a big reveal here, it doesn't solve the Ted Kord mystery entirely, and I am looking forward to seeing everything that comes from it.  By the way, part of this IS the thing I didn't want to spoil, and it is big for fans of this book.

This is a quick issue that has one big job and gets it done.  Tom Taylor shows the team working together more than in any other issue, and Bruno Redondo's art looks fantastic.  

Bits and Pieces:

Tom Taylor promised this would be an important issue and delivers on that promise.  There are still some big things going on in this book with two issues left, but what happens in this book is huge.  It's a quick read that looks great and shouldn't be missed by fans of this series.


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