Monday, October 19, 2020

Catwoman #26 Review


The Claws are Out

Writer: Ram V
Artist: Fernando Blanco, FCO Plascencia, and Tom Napolitano
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: October 21, 2020

Ram V did a good job giving fans a smart Selina who didn't mind getting her hands dirty while filling in during Joelle Jones' run on Catwoman, and that seems like his focus on his run as well.  After the Alleytown setup from the last issue, I was excited to get this story going, and while this issue doesn't disappoint, I think Ram needs to slow things down just a little bit to give fans a chance to catch their breath and enjoy the ride.  What am I getting on about?  Let's find out...

The issue opens with Oswald Cobblepot still pissed about getting played by Selina in the Joker War.  Now, the Penguin has plenty of money already, but that doesn't mean he likes looking like a fool.  So, what's a Gotham Crime Boss to do?  Hire a crazy hitman/bible salesperson to take Catwoman out!

While this is going on, Selina is getting up to speed with Alleytown with an old friend's help.  This part lost me a bit as we get the names and situations of the heavy hitters of Alleytown.  Of course, Selina will take them all down, and as we move on to the next scene, we see she already has started.

While Ram V continues to force Hadley into the narrative, I didn't mind it as much as I did the last issue.  He is our man with connections and thus becomes V's vehicle to set up what's going down.  Yea, we see what we already know, a crazy hitman is after Selina, but now Selina has a way to find out as well.

Continuing, Catwoman makes her way through the seedy side of Alleytown, meeting with Pit, one of the big whigs we found out about.  That's when we flashback to see Selina has already started a war with her claws, but she is continuing it with her brains.  Ram V is giving a good combination of all of Selina's strengths here.  Unfortunatley, she has a few weaknesses as well.  The issue ends with one of those as we see the creepy hitman watching her and Maggie.

I am digging Ram V's run on Catwoman so far.  He writes a great combination of strength and smarts but doesn't forget the vulnerability of her past.  Plus, he doesn't seem tied down to any other book, so even though we are back in Gotham, this feels 100% like a solo book where anything can happen.

I have always liked Fernando Blanco on Catwoman, and that doesn't change here.  I think his art fits Gotham's grittiness more than the sunny streets of Villa Hermosa, so no complaints here.

Bits and Pieces:

Catwoman is on the prowl to make Alleytown her own, and Ram V has her go through the Gotham Underground to get it!  She also has a creepy hitman after her for good measure!  If you are looking for a strong, smart Catwoman, then you should give this issue and run a try.



  1. Great review. This was a pleasant surprise. I liked pacing and the art. Looking forward to next issue . From the looks of it it seems as if Ram V is continuing on even after future state so I guess we'll have time for the stories to develop. Hopefully they don't kill Maggie.

    1. he better not kill Maggie!!! Yea, he seems to be the Catwoman guy and it is one of the few books I want to continue on with the current story after Future State. AND... if the continuity gets warped a bit by the timeline opening up (which is still what I hear), it will actually won't affect this book much since Ram V is taking Selina away from the recent stuff like Bat/Cat that may be affected. Plus, fans of Bat/Cat will still have Tom King's book going on. win-win