Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Metal Men #11 Review

With Your Powers Combined...... I Am Alloy!

Written By: Dan Didio, Shane Davis
Art By: Shane Davis, Jason Wright, Travis Lanham
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: October 20, 2020

The Metal Men has been a Maxi-Series that I've really enjoyed, not only for the amazing artwork, the cool callbacks to the original series but also... it's not every day you get a Metal Men comic that kicks a little ass, not to mention does something different with the characters. As our series is winding down though some of the aspects of the story are getting a bit convoluted with the Dark Multiverse tie its had since the beginning of the book and that's probably because the Dark Multiverse itself is pretty convoluted, but hopefully, as we get towards the end things will start to right themselves and we can end this series on a high note. Let's jump into this penultimate issue and check it out.

When last we left our heroes, they were on their way to the Dark Multiverse to find Platinum, Gold, and the evil Nth Metal Man, but they're going to have to deal with a lot more than him now that it's been revealed that the true big bad of this series is the cosmically infused Plutonium Man, who has set all of the events we've seen up to lure Will Magnus to this world so that they can rebuild the world in the Plutonium Man's vision. Yeah, this revelation comes out of nowhere, and sadly, it doesn't mean dick because this Dark Multiverse world is going down fast and now it's up to the Metal Men to stop this threat before it can make its way to Prime-Earth........ which feels weird with what we're dealing with Death Metal and the fact that the Plutonium Man seems to know about the Batman Who Laugh's plan.

Coming back to the cool callbacks aspect to this series that I've been enjoying, we see a more recent moment brought back when the Metal Men realize they have to form together to take on this threat and become the being known as Alloy and even though this is a cool moment that I enjoyed here, not to mention that it works great for the character portion to this series since the Metal Men have been striving for true sentience and individuality, only to have to give it up to become something singular and different...... it doesn't ultimately do much because we end this issue with the Plutonium Man still wanting to take our heroes' Earth apart and make it his own.

All in all, the art is still really strong in this issue and the interactions between our cast of characters were great, but this had a feeling of rushing to an ending and not really needing everything that led into it. The Dark Metal Men are just killed off with no real fanfare or any real meaning, except that they weren't needed anymore, the Plutonium Man's plan is completely changed on the fly here because his world was ending, which he already knew about and for some reason wants to go to Will Magnus' world to remake it, even though he knows that bad shit is currently happening there. Essentially, it's the Dark Multiverse being a mess like it always is and is taking away from this story, even though the sacrifice that our heroes make in this is pretty powerful to their characters overall, even if it ultimately didn't do anything to save the day. There's still one more issue though and hopefully, things work themselves out by then that we get a strong closure, but as far as this issue........ it just rushed to get the last bit of set up in and then rushed to finish the issue.

Bits and Pieces:

I love this series, but sadly found this penultimate issue lacking since it really needed to do a lot here to try and add to what we've already gotten while changing the focus of the story for the big finale. It's not bad, but things feel like they just changed on the fly this issue and it didn't feel as focused as it should have. Thankfully the art remains strong though and the character moments are still top-notch.


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