Monday, October 19, 2020

Nightwing #75 Review


Clothes Make the Man

Writer: Dan Jurgens
Artist: Ronan Cliquet, Travis Moore
Cover Price: $5.99
Release Date: October 21, 2020

Nightwing is back! Really!!! Dick Grayson is finally back. No Ric or Dicky Boy or any of those stupid ass names! So, what do we get after waiting all this time? Let's find out...

Dan Jurgens uses this issue to show readers the continued struggle of Dick Grayson as he tries to return to his former life as Nightwing. Unfortunatley, he doesn't want everything back the way it was, and I am glad for that. Listen, I was just as upset as everyone when Dick Grayson got shot by KGBeast in Tom King's Batman. I also have been furious that it took two years to get Dick back. However, I liked some of the things that came out of this mess, and I think it would suck if DC and Jurgens tried to pretend they didn't happen. Now, that doesn't mean I want him in that awful Blue and Red costume he has been wearing lately, but I don't mind him easing back into the Nightwing one. 

The issue goes day-by-day as Dick settles back into his life, but there is a tweest. KGBeast is none too pleased that Nightwing is back because word on the street is that he failed to kill him. Not a great thing for an assassin! So, as Dick cleans up some Joker War mess with Babs, KGBeast is on his way. While he talks with Batman and thinks about Alfred, KGBeast is on his way. And when he goes to visit the Nightwing Squad to tell them they did an excellent job for him, but he's back to pick up the mantle again, KGBeast is on his way! Jurgens does get some good tension out of it.

The issue then ends with Dick promising to start all over (again) with Bea, just as KGBeast arrives. I love Bea and want her to stick with Dick, but she may want to put some distance between her and Nightwing if she survives this. It pains me to say it, but it's true.

I liked this issue. I didn't love it, only because it felt like it was dragging a bit at times. I know it makes sense, but having it tie into the Joker War stuff took me out of the issue slightly and somehow lessened the fact that fans have been waiting two years for this. Plus, even some of the better scenes went on for an extra page or two. Still, I liked that Jurgens didn't go the easy route getting Nightwing back, and I think the KGBeast bit was a smart way to (hopefully) let Dick get some resolution.

Travis Moore and Ronan Cliquet share art duty, and both do a good job. I loved how Donna and Garth looked initially, and while there is a transition issue early, the art is consistent with this series.

Bits and Pieces:

Nightwing is back, and I can't wait to see him back in action! This issue, however, is all about what Dick wants and what is coming for him. I didn't like everything from the "Ric Era," but it did happen, and Dan Jurgens gives some resolution to some of the better things from it. We also get a cliffhanger that might ruin the best thing, and that will have me back next month for sure.



  1. Okay so the Donna and Garth appearance...
    Wasnt Donna among the heroes infected by the BWL and wasn't cured until YOTV: Hell Arisen? So is this before she was infected? Or after she was cured? And is it just me or does this issue not really fit with the Joker War continuity? He went back to being Nightwing in Batman 100 but here they appear to be dealing with the aftermath of the Joker War and he hasn't become Nightwing as of this story. I liked it anyway.
    Oh and visiting Titans Tower for old times sake? Who's using the tower? The current team is in Mercy Hall. 🤔

    1. this is Donna and Garth right now after the infected it seems - especially since she has been in the WW book since as well. You are right about the Joker War stuff, if felt really odd. And the Titans Tower is a gcool (but very inaccurate) shoutout!!!! I still liked it, but so far, I haven't loved Nightwing since the return - Best was in Batman 100 but overall, it is missing something and it is starting to worry/upset me

    2. I first thought it was after the infected but their appearance was before Dick became Noghtwing again and he is Nightwing in the current JL storyline which takes place during DN Metal. 🤔 And yeah I've seen Donna in WW uninfected in recent issues but infected in an earlier one so does this mean things will be back to normal after Metal? I think the real answer is nobody at DC cares about continuity.

    3. You are 100% on the money - nobody at DC cares a lick about continuity anymore! Hopefully that changes after Metal!