Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Batman #120 Review

Blind Leading the Blind

Writer: Joshua Williamson
Artist: Mikel Janin, Jorge Molina
Cover Price: $4.99
Release Date: February 2, 2022

I have been enjoying the start of Joshua Williamson's Batman run.  It's no surprise that he has dipped into the Morrison Batman Inc. as he is a self-professed fanboy, and his other books have been very Morrison influenced as well.  It does feel like he's been easing the readers into his story a bit, but I think it's time to get this party started!  Does this issue happen?  Let's find out...

Batman #120 opens with Officier Cayha sneaking Batman out of the Badhnisia police building, pretending he is Abyss's body.  I like Cayha and hope she sticks around.  But unfortunately, Batman is still under the effects of whatever Abyss did to him and can't see, so they go off to where Batman can figure things out and hopefully get his sight back.

Meanwhile, Lex is waiting for Abyss's body but gets the genuine article.  So yea, it seems like they were working together at some point, but Lex doesn't take chances and initiates the "Bat Signal," and it is incredible!

While that's going on, Batman and Cayha go to her apartment to sit around and talk.  There isn't much going on here except Williamson showing the reader that Batman's sight is fucked up, and Cayha is one smart cookie.  Batman figures the first step in figuring things out is to break Batman Inc. out of jail, and while he is right, it's not for the reason he thinks.

The issue continues and then ends with Batman (as blind as a bat) being helped remotely by Cayha as he tries to spring Batman Inc, but there is a big problem, they don't want Batman's help.  Although Williamson hints that Batman Inc goes where the money is, the truth is shocking.  It's a criss-cross applesauce ending that might make your head spin a bit, but it will have me back next issue, even if it is to sort things out a bit more.

I liked this issue.  I wanted to love it, but there is a lot still left on the table, especially when it comes to Abyss.  Batman seems perplexed with what is going on with his eyes, and after the last couple of Batman runs, I was hoping for a more competent Dark Knight.  I understand it's all to elevate Abyss, but there isn't much to boost yet.  The art is good throughout, though I prefer Janin's.  Williamson's loose script gives both a lot of room to work, and they take advantage of it.

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Bits and Pieces:

Batman #120 expands the mystery of both Abyss and Batman Inc.  Joshua Williamson is taking his time, and while I am still intrigued, I was hoping to get more from this issue.  It looks great, but I hope we get some answers to what is happening before readers lose focus or interest in this story.


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