Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Justice League Incarnate #4 Review


Crisis Center

Writer: Dennis Culver, Joshua Williamson
Artist: Andrei Bressan, Chris Burnham, Mike Norton
Cover Price: $4.99
Release Date: February 1, 2022

I keep telling people that this and the Infinite Frontier mini-series that proceeded it are the big books going at DC Comics right now.  I have two issues with that.  First, why am I the one hyping these books more than DC Comics?  Second, why does it feel as if lately, Joshua Williamson is making things too goofy for people to take me and this book seriously?  Still, big things are afoot, so let's jump into my Justice League Incarnate #4 review!

Justice League Incarnate #4 opens with many explanations to get everyone caught up on the relevant Crises that have led us to this point.  Williamson does a decent job, but I wonder if it's one of those things that will be too much for those in the know, yet not enough for those who aren't.  Also, depending on where you stand, you might look at these pages as proof that DC Comics knows how to throw an event party or that they have always tried to fix things with a load of horse shit.  I am a bit of column A and column B myself.  This part does take up a big chunk of the issue before giving us a better explanation of this Infinite Frontier / Justice League Incarnate story than we've gotten so far.

After all that, Doctor Multiverse tries to explain herself as Darkseid sends Thomas Wayne packing (is this similar to what happened to his son?) and seizes the crack from Maya.  He then heads off with his army to take care of the Darkness on Earth-7 before the Gentry can finish the Oblivion Machine.

Joshua Williamson may be channeling a ton of Grant Morrison, but the "it's always darkest before the dawn" motto of Scott Snyder peeks through as well as Calvin and the broken Justice League Incarnate also heads to Earth-7 in search of their fallen teammates.

The issue ends with the big clash between the Open Hand and Darkseid, and I think not many people will have guessed what ends up happening.  It's enormous and beats out anything we've seen since Death Metal!  Unfortunately, it also puts the Multiverse in grave danger.  Speaking of graves, the cliffhanger throws a little zombie action into the book, and while that's cool, I was still reeling from the big moment a few pages before it.  

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Bits and Pieces:

While Justice League Incarnate #4 recaps a whole lot of DC Comics at the start, once we get to the actual story, you know what hits the fan!  Seriously, this issue has at least two moments bigger than anything in over a year!  Maybe Joshua Williamson finally realized that he might have to shock everyone to take notice, and hopefully, they do.  I am looking forward to seeing how he tops this in the next issue.



  1. Joshua Williamson has been the MVP for the last year or so at DC. His Flash run was excellent. Infinite Frontier and Justice League Incarnate have been such a joy, and they feel like they have been written for me - for fans like me who LOVE the complex history of DC and it's various Crisis stories. Bringing things like Final Crisis and Multiversity to the forefront have been a blast, and it was a creative masterstroke to bring some things from Alan Moore's Swamp Thing into it as well. Just loving it

    1. I like this a lot… hated his flash run so much though.