Thursday, December 5, 2013

Action Comics #26 Review

Written by: Greg Pak
Art by: Aaron Kuder
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: December 4, 2013

All Monsters Attack

In last months Zero Year tie-in we learned one thing about Lana Lang, she has really bad luck.  Well, it doesn't improve this month because while doing charity work in Venezuela she is at ground zero of a giant monster attack.  What we learn about Lana Lang this issue is that she has a set of brass balls.  She doesn't scream for help like a damsel in distress that comic book readers are used too, but helps evacuate the area and unloads a machine gun into the beast.  Of course, Superman still shows up to save the day, but doesn't have much luck himself.  The giant monster may not be what it seems and a new mysterious foe arrives whose power set actually is a threat to the Man of Steel.

Greg Pak writes Superman so well.  He always wants to do the right thing, but the right thing is not always so cut and dry.  Pak gives us a glimpse of this inner struggle and it makes Superman's actions even more heroic. The cover says Action Comics and this issue is so action packed.  Seriously, you can't really go wrong when Superman battles a giant monster and can really let loose.  However, it's this new threat that makes things so interesting.  His apparent creators and mysterious powers are cool and even Superman seems nervous fighting him.  Things are about to get real.  Actually, if the last scene is any indication, things may be getting unreal.  I don't know if I even understand what was going on, but it is sure to make things real interesting, real quick.  Pak also hits a home run with Lana Lang.  She already is one of the strongest female characters in the DCU and I can't wait to see more of her.  Let's just hope her luck improves a bit.

I have always liked Aaron Kuder's art, but this issue is hit-and-miss.  I didn't really like the way Superman looked throughout, but especially in the first few pages.  The giant monster, the new villain and Lana Lang all looked great, however.   Kuder really draws action well and this issue was no exception.

Bits and Pieces:

Action Comics #26 is a good setup issue for future stories.  Pak and Kuder gives the reader giant monster battles, a mysterious new villain who poses a real threat, a strong female character and a crazy twist ending. Action Comics is quickly becoming the go-to book for Superman fans in the New 52.


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