Monday, December 2, 2013

Red Lanterns #25 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Charles Soule
Art By: Alessandro Vitti
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: November 27, 2013

Hey Red Five.  It's Time To Meet Red Leader!

Ooohh.  I just love Red Lanterns now that Charles Soule has taken over.  We also get the benefit of this
being its own title, and there not being some giant cosmic big bad, that takes all the Corps. to handle.  So if you've been under a rock for awhile, or in a penal system of some kind and can't get enough of the Red, you'll be happy to hear that Guy Gardner is now the leader of the Red Lanterns, and their now in control of space sector 2814.  We're about wrapped up on whats been going down, so let's get to it.

Explain It!:

Well I know what I'd do after winning a big ole' space battle against a towering monster that wanted to kill my friends and me.  I'd get shitty drunk.  So like me, the Reds have the same idea.  On board the confiscated pirate ship (the new acting HQ for the team), the rage rovers get toasted, and talk about future plans for the Red Lantern Corps. now that they control space sector 2814.  But not all of the team is content with the new mission statement.  Ratchet, you know the big brain, jellyfish looking Red is asking the others, and himself, WWAD.  What would Atrocitus do?  But even with his lack of faith in Guy Gardner something else seems to be going on with Ratchet.  It looks like that story we left behind around the time of the Third Army is rearing it's head finally.  Remember the 5 Inversions?  If you don't I don't blame you.  But back in the day before Atrocitus starting getting his rage on with a ring, he was paling around with demonic space monsters that he eventually thought he killed, and used their blood to create the Red Power Battery.  But it seems they're back, and want revenge.  And why not use Ratchet to do it?  But we're not there yet, just getting you reacquainted.  Oh what's that?  What's Atrocitus up to you say?  Well lets go have a look and find out.

Out in space, Atrocitus, and Dex-Starr are in search of a red power ring, so that Atrocitus has the power to go back to Ysmault and kick Guy Gardner's teeth in, and get his team back.  They locate one, in sector 1008 on the planet of Shoum.  But the ring they locate might be harder to get then they thought.  The bearer of this ring is a gigantic being known as Itro, the last of his kind.  The people of this planet destroyed his species, when they couldn't control their massive appetite for this planet's natural resources.  So ya kind of understand why the species had to die, but I don't think Itro with his new found rage power really cares about the logistics of his peoples genocide.  So after Itro's revenge, Dex-Starr, and Atrocitus find him, sitting in the rubble of the once capital city, sobbing.  Atrocitus is going to try a new tactic in getting what he wants.  He wants to talk to Itro.  So we'll have to wait till next month to find out how that conversation went.

Back with the Reds, the team decides to start throwing around their weight around by going after a despot named Gensui, who is the cruel leader of Kormorax.  He turned the people of this planet into a slave race, and is now developing a Dyson Sphere.  Oh yeah, it's a Dyson.  Thankfully Rankorr is there for us and asks the question.  "What's a Dyson Sphere?"  Well it's a sphere built around a sun, that allows you to tap into the energy, and pretty much do whatever you want.  Also you get to keep the warmth, and energy away from other planets that might need those kinds of things.  EVIL!

So the plan to take down this bad dude is this.  Rankorr has a new deus ex machina that allows him to look like someone else for short periods of time.  The guy they are going after, just happens to be a friend of the space pirate "Barg" the Reds killed, and they have his ship now, so all that is going on alright.  The rest of the team go undercover as Barg's slaves.  So Rankorr is actually pulling off this whole undercover thing, and it all seems fine, but in the end we get a whole mess of confusion.  Well at least for me.  Gensui tells Barg that he has a gift for Barg that he's absolutely been craving.  Gensui opens a door and says "Revenge".  Behind the door, (now remember Rankorr is disguised as Barg) Barg is confronted by the Red Lantern Corps.  So either Gensui plans on using Red Lantern doppelgangers to kill his friend's killers, or he thinks that Barg got out of that whole being killed by the Red Lanterns thing, and is giving him an opportunity to get some revenge.  On some doppelgangers.  Yeah doppelgangers.  So see you next month and maybe we'll get some answers.

Bits and Pieces:

If you told me a year ago when I was picking up my first issue of Red Lanterns because of the Third Army story arc, that I'd still be reading and enjoying Red Lanterns, I'd call you a dirty liar, and good day sir.  But here I am looking forward to this Lantern book more than the rest.  Weird.  Soule has completely made this title his own, and made the interactions between the characters the most enjoyable part.  No more of this my rage is better than your rage stuff.  No sir.  So if you're not reading this title yet, I must insist that you drop what you're doing, and go to the closest comic shop, and tell the clerk behind the counter to please please slap you across the face with this title.  So yeah.... Good read.


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