Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Damian: Son of Batman #2 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written and Art By: Andy Kubert
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: November 27, 2013

All Growed Up

So in part one of this four part story line, which should not be anything but epic.  We saw Damian Wayne witness the death of Batman, and go on an all out murder fest of all things crazy in Gotham.  But what's this?  In the end of the issue we see a very livid Bruce Wayne confronting Damian about his activities.  So whether I missed something completely obvious, or we're in store for some bitchin' plot points.  Let's go see.

Explain It!:

Daddies home, and it's time for a ass whoopin.  So besides for the little family dysfunction, we find out (hopefully we find out, because if this was understood last issue, I have to give up my reviewing card) that the Batman that died last issue was Dick Grayson, and Bruce Wayne isn't happy about that, or all the nut jobs that Damian's killed either.  The two tussle, but ultimately Damian stabs Bruce in the chest, and almost kills him.  With some angry words from Alfred, Damian makes his way back to the church for a little confession.  

During the confession the priest from last issue tells Damian that if he truly wants to honor his father, and the mantle of the Bat, he cannot kill.  He must find forgiveness in his heart, and bring peace to Gotham through justice, and not murder.  In the end the priest exits the confessional, and either I'll be apologizing again next month for something I got completely wrong or... The priest is a now ex Commissioner Gordon.  

So after a little soul searching, Damian goes home to apologize to his father, who is still in critical condition, and unconscious.  Alright apologizes are done, so what now?  Well it's time to become Batman, and find the Joker.  The Bat Computer gets a ping on someone who might be Joker, who was seen at the now abandoned Arkham Asylum, so Damian goes off into the night.  We get a little tour of the now defunct asylum seeing the cells of criminals like Mister Freeze, Killer Croc, and Gentleman Ghost.  Until we find our way to Joker's cell.  Now I'm not the greatest detective in the world, but I have to call shenanigans.  Damian sees a strand of hair, and we're all to find Professor Pyg.  Maybe it's something to do with a dollotron, but man that is a leap.  So Damian leaves, and we're left with maniacal laughter filling the empty halls of Arkham Asylum.

Now here is a part I have to jump in and interrupt the main plot of the book.  There is a really weird page of this book, that I hope has some sort of payoff in the future because man is it weird.  So Alfred hired a hideous nurse to take care of Bruce, you know since his awful chest wound.  So while she's checking on him, she's talking aloud about her husband being an alcoholic, and his ability to see when the lights are off.  But in the end she hopes that Bruce Wayne will take her out after he is better.  Man this is some weird shit.  Moving on.

So we're after the Pyg.  Batman smashes into a window of a warehouse filled with Dollotrons, and Professor Pyg.  But sadly Damian seems to have put on the mantle of the Bat a little soon, because the Dollotrons take him out fairly easy.  Yeah he had to be easy on them, because they were children, but come on.  You're supposed to be Batman.  We're left with the cliff hanger, or warehouse faller of Batman being tossed out a window falling to his death.  Tune in next month same Bat time, same Bat channel.

Bits and Pieces:

While not being quite up to the challenge of topping, or maintaining the joygasm that was the first issue, this still has the ability to capture your attention, and keep you glued.  Last issue was a tough act to follow, but this is solid read, and gives you the Damian you've been craving.  So Kubert, if you keep creating, I'll keep shelling out the cash.  Go check it out.  


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