Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Larfleeze #5 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written by: Keith Giffen, J.M. DeMatteis
Art by: Scott Kolins
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: November 27, 2013

Your Name Is Toby!

Larfleeze......  This is going to be an interesting review because I missed last issue, and still haven't read it yet.  But from where I left off reading, I really did not like this book.  I was hoping that issue #4, where the Orange Lantern Corps. were released from Larfleeze's ring, given new life, and looking for revenge would be the issue for me.  But for one reason or another I didn't get the issue.  So here I am, almost jumping in blind, on a ride I deemed hokey, about to find out if this title can be redeemed.  So let's go check it out.

Explain It!:

We start this issue with Larfleeze in shackles, from which I can only assume that he got his ass kicked bad in the last issue.  The Orange Lanterns bicker back and forth about what to do with him, and what to do with themselves.  But the decision ultimately made that they will have Larfleeze become their slave, and he will work the rest of his life to rebuilding the planet, and any task the group deems like Larfleeze work.  So of course Larfleeze refuses, so let the torture begin!

Elsewhere apparently Stargrave has become The Wanderer's butler now, but still does not seem content, and wants to escape.  There are so many slaves in this book.  Where the hell is the intergalactic Lincoln?  So anyway, Wanderer exists in several dimensions, the past and future all at the same time.  With this her mind sort of.... wanders.  But now she remembers that Council of Ten.  She rushes off to meet her sister, some misery being of god like power to tell her about the Council of Ten, which apparently have been against her family for eons.  But Wanderer believes that the Council has followed them to this universe.  Which we get the idea is bad news for all these extra-dimensional interlopers.  So Dyrge, the misery being sends Wanderer off on a quest.  She wants her to use her butler Stargrave to find out what the Council of Ten are up to, and then they will decide if it's a problem or not.  So there's that.  But what about Larfleeze?

After a grand time of torture the Orange Lanterns throw Larfleeze into the dungeon so he can think about what he did for awhile.  But they might have been a little hard on him, because Larfleeze starts hallucinating his dead mother.  In the end we find out that Larfleeze has been repressing his memories, and the hallucination of his mother is here to make him see the truth of what he is.  Where Larfleeze thought he freed the slaves that his people and him once were.  We find out that Larfleeze gained his freedom by finger pointing.  He turned in and snitched on everyone he could.  Oh Larfleeze say it ain't so.

Bits and Pieces:

Well I have to say I liked this issue a lot more than the first three.  But maybe I'm coming into this with fresh eyes.  Since I missed issue four, I'm taking some liberties with what happened, and making the best out of this issue.  But from what I read it seems this series might be on the upswing, so there's that.  Honestly I have to wait a few more issues to make sure that most of the goofiness that the first three issues were filled with has died out, and we can go forward with this series.


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