Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Earth 2 #19 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Tom Taylor
Art By: Nicola Scott, Robson Rocha
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: January 8, 2014

The End Is Nigh!  

Have you been reading the last couple of issues?  Some really bad shit went down.  Superman's just destroying everybody that goes up against him, and last issue he even broke Flash's ankle, and won't let go of it.  Image someone breaking your ankle, and then just holding you upside down, and not letting you go.  Talk about emasculating.  But on the plus side, the new Batman freed Aqua Woman, and Jimmy Olsen, so there's that.  Oh oh, and we have the new Lois Lane version of Red Tornado, pretty cool, and disturbingly sexy.  At the end of last issue, a army of Parademons emerged from the fire pits, and Superman broke into the Arkham World Army Base, and kidnapped Terry Sloan, and Mister Terrific.  So Superman has the two smartest people in the world, and a unending horde of monsters at his disposal.  This can't be good.  Let's see what good ol' Supes is up to.

Explain It!:

Down in the sub basement of the Arkham World Army Base, Jimmy Olsen informs Batman that he was locked up when he hacked into Terry Sloan's data, and found out that he was keeping an alien in the sub sub basement of this facility.  So with a little help from the ultra powerful Aqua Woman they make a quick entrance into the next level down.  So who is this alien down in the dungeon?  Well it's a black kid named Val.  That was kind of anticlimactic.  But when Val is getting to know his new visitors he begins to feel ill.  Could it be from that shard of Kryptonite that Batman has?  Oh I think it is!  Val is another survivor of Krypton.  Oh shit just got climactic!  Batman takes the kid, and the newly formed super team makes their exit.  But outside all hell has broken loose as Parademons tear all the surviving World Army soldiers apart.  Batman gives Red Tornado the coordinates to the Batcave, and tells her to take Jimmy and meet them there.  Seems Batman has another means of travel.  Finally we see our favorite feathered female back in action.  Hawkgirl swoops down, and picks up the rest of the team, and flies them to safety.  The upper body strength on that woman is amazing.  Is it wrong that I kind of want her to bench press me?  If it is keep it to yourself, nobody likes a troll.

Meanwhile Superman drops Flash, Mister Terrific, and Terry Sloan on the yard of the white house.  Outside the gates, thousands of on lookers watch their former hero pick up the Washington Monument, and smash it into the White House.  Superman intended on sending a message.  I truly hope he knows the message was received, and doesn't try again.

In the end we are shown the world a day after Superman returned.  The giant gash across the Earth from when Steppenwolf was killed, killing millions in an instant.  But among the bones, and green light shines below.  Not everything died in the blast.  Woo!

Bits and Pieces:

Well the momentum couldn't go on forever.  The problem is, how can someone keep topping themselves?  The answer is eventually you can't, and sometimes there has to be a lull. Even though this is another good issue, it finds itself being in the shadow of the issues that came before it.  So go out and get it, and continue your Earth 2 edge of your seat adventure.  


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