Saturday, January 11, 2014

Rumor Mill: The Movement, Larfleeze, Pandora and Stormwatch Cancelled in April?

Like the Timex Social Club sang in 1986, "Look at all of these rumors surroundin' me everyday".  Well, over at Bleeding Cool, they are reporting a bunch of crazy stuff.  The article is here (You can go read it only after listening to the Timex Social Club, dammit!)  Yes, April is going to be really crazy for the DC Universe.
Pandora loves the Timex Social Club

The worst kept secret of the past few months has been that Stormwatch is being cancelled.  Well, now it seems that The Movement, Larfleeze and Pandora are joining Apollo, Midnighter and the gang.  It can't be a shock to anyone that these titles are done.  As of this writing the December sales haven't been announced, but here are the November sales for each book:

The Movement: 7.957
Larfleeze: 16,157
Stormwatch: 9,881
Trinity of Sin: Pandora: 21,267

UPDATE: Here are the December Sales for the books:
The Movement: 7,263
Larfleeze: 15,081
Stormwatch: 9,052
Trinity of Sin: Pandora: 20,563

Somewhere I read that the line drawn in the sand for a comic to be canceled is 15,000 copies sold per month so The Movement and Stormwatch are most likely getting cancelled due to sales.  Larfleeze is a bit above, but it has fallen each month and with the new Sinestro book coming in April it may not make sense to DC to have so many Lantern books.  Pandora's sales are good, but I think her story has been told and DC is happy to finish it on a high note.

I used to review The Movement and got so sick of it's slow moving story and uninteresting characters that I gave up at issue #5.  I still review Stormwatch and while it is far from good, the last issue was the best in a long time.

Eric reviews Larfleeze and from what he has told me and written, Larfleeze is not his favorite title, but he really liked Pandora so it's a shame it's ending.

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