Saturday, January 11, 2014

New Aquaman and The Others Title Coming in April?

Well, it looks like the rumors are flying around the intranets and the main target is DC's plans for April.  Well, there is an odd little placeholder page on DC's site for Aquaman and the Others.  The Others were created by Geoff Johns and introduced in Aquaman #7.  They are the team Aquaman was a member of before he joined the Justice League.

When the team was introduced I was a huge fan, but when they got to shine in Aquaman #20 I thought they had worn out their welcome.  I guess I was in the minority because DC feels there is enough interest to start a monthly book with them.  It hasn't been announced who the creative team is, but John Ostrander wrote the one-shot story so it wouldn't shock me if he is announced as the writer.

Update: DC told IGN that indeed Aquaman and the Others is real and will be a monthly comic written by Dan Jurgens  with art by Lan Medina and Ed Tadeo.

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