Thursday, January 9, 2014

Swamp Thing #27 Review

Written by:  Charles Soule  
Art by: Jesus Saiz
Cover Price: $2.99  
Release Date: January 8, 2014

The Birth of Green Venus

Here at Weird Science, Charles Soule is the man.  We unanimously voted him writer of the year in our 2013 award list (That you can check out HERE...wink, wink) and if Swamp Thing #27 is any indication, he will be there again for 2014.  Seriously, this book is so good.  Everyone and his sister knew Alec Holland would be back as the Avatar of the Green, but holy smokes, I never could have guessed how he would do it.

The issue begins with Alec in "Green Heaven" where former Avatar's can enjoy themselves with green woman straight out of a Botticelli painting or just chilling out for centuries.  Sounds pretty sweet to me, but not to Alec.  He has seen what the Seeder is up to and feels personally responsible.  However, in order to change things he must get back to Earth.  How can he do that?  You won't believe who helps him answer that question and your jaw will drop at the answer.  I thought it was crazy when the Seeder usurped Alec's position, but that is nothing compared to what he does to get it back.  It is unbelievable, but in a way that fits the comic and it's Universe.  The game has changed and this book will never be the same...except it was awesome and will continue to be.

Jesus Saiz is on the top of his game as usual.  Wait until you see the Parliament of Trees in this issue. Long time fans will have their minds blown.   I have mentioned it in so many reviews, but his art goes with the story so well that it's hard to imagine one without the other. 

Bits and Pieces:

Swamp Thing #27 is a great comic.  Fans of Swamp Thing will be floored by what goes on in this issue.  Soule and Saiz are taking the reader on a ride they will not soon forget.  I can't wait for next month already.


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