Thursday, February 13, 2014

Green Lantern Corps #28 Review

Written by: Van Jensen
Art by: Bernard Chang
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: February 12. 2014

Green Suicide Lantern Squad

Van Jensen's Green Lantern Corp is the Lantern book for those who like character moments and development, even over action scenes.  Sure, Corps has plenty of action, but it is the varied, unique and interesting members of the Corps that make this book work so well.

Take for instance, Kilowog.  Jensen goes above and beyond the "poozer" and reminds the reader that he was a scientist before becoming a drill instructor.  We also get Bolphunga, the bounty hunter known for his obsession for Mogo.  Well played, Van.

How Bolphunga enters the story is my favorite part of this issue and something I look forward to continuing in the future.  John Stewart has enlisted the Green Lantern prisoners recently escaped from the Sciencells in the War against the Durlans.  Desperate times...  It's a Green Lantern Suicide Squad and it's awesome.  Stewart uses Bolphunga and Hunger Dog to trap and bag a former Green Lantern who just so happens to be a Durlan.  It doesn't go as smooth as planned and in the end, they may be getting more than the bargained for.

The other major story line involves Soranik Natu, the Lantern from Korugar.  She is targeted by a mysterious enemy that violently captures her and spirits her away. He captor is revealed on the last page and it is game and Universe changing. Believe me, it is worth the price of the book just to turn to that last page.

Van Jensen also mixes in other various members of the Corps and does it so well.  The Corps is really gaining character (and characters) and it only makes you care about them that much more.

Bernard Chang is back on art and I'm so glad.  He really makes this book shine and his style fits the many wacky looking aliens and planets they inhabit.  There are a few panels that while they look cool, pulled me out of the book a bit.  It may just be me, but I wasn't a fan of them in the context of the book.

Bits and Pieces:

Van Jensen has made Green Lantern Corps the book with "character".  He has taken a book that was being crushed by the shadow of the main Green Lantern title and turned it into something unique and viable on it's own.  This issue not only puts an exclamation point on that, but turns the whole Lantern Universe on it's head.  Bernard Chang's art fits the wild alien characters and worlds that make up the Corps and a couple panels aside, I loved it.  Highly recommended.


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