Thursday, February 13, 2014

Justice League 3000 #3 Review

Written by: Keith Giffin an J.M. DeMatteis
Art by: Howard Porter
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: February 12, 2014

Escape From...

Flash is dead, Hal Jordan is a slave of the sexy kind and Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman have been teleported to a Penal (I said Penal) Planet.  The Wonder Twins plan may is really falling apart. Meanwhile, a place and person from the past are messing with the Trinity's minds.  Oh yea, Superman is still a jerk.

Put on the eye-patch, Snake, because it's Escape from Takron-Galtos, the prison planet that Locus teleported Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman to at the end of last issue.  Giffien and DeMatteis are showing the reader the who, what, where and why of this Justice League by throwing them into situations and letting us sit back and enjoy.  The story is coming in bits and pieces and I'm fine with that.  This issue opens the veil a little bit more.  Who the members are still isn't clear, but there are hints that they aren't what the reader originally thought.

Locus is still the only member of the "Five" we've met and she is plain crazy.  She reminds me of an even more over-sexed and crazy Harley Quinn and that's saying something.  While she is a bit overpowered for my tastes, she gives a hint that the other members of the "Five" are even more dangerous.  Holy crap!

The only thing I didn't like about this issue is the same problem I've had for the series as a whole.  The characters are not likable.  The concept of having the Heroes without their defining memories and experiences is cool in concept, but on paper they come off as jerks.  Maybe Giffen and DeMatteis are working on giving the members experiences that will once again make them the Heroes we know, but I hope it happens soon.  There is a really nice reveal in this issue that seems to be taking steps towards this.

I have really enjoyed Howard Porter's art.  Everything is familiar, but just a little different.  It fits the story so well.  His sci-fi setting is great and unique in the New 52.  While the story has intrigued me, Porter's art has been my favorite part so far.

Bits and Pieces:

Justice League 3000 #3 gives us a little more of a peek behind Giffin and DeMatteis' curtain.  They are dangling tiny carrots, but what we get is tasty.  Howard Porter's art is great and fits the book so well.  I just wish the characters were a little more likable.


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