Sunday, February 9, 2014

Weird Science News: Week of February 5, 2014 Edition

Man, what a week.  George Zimmerman and DMX announced they were going to box, but then it was cancelled.  I was actually looking forward to the winner fighting Young MC.  That and DMX had promised to urinate in Zimmerman's face.  Really?  That sounds more like something R. Kelly would do.  Also this week; Leonardo never did drugs, the X Factor was cancelled, Jessica Simpson is skinny for now, Kelly Ripa didn't wear makeup, a Teen Mom had another kid and Jimmy Fallon said goodbye with Muppets.  Ok, now that you know what's going on in real life...

On With The News

Tales from the Casting Couch

A Young James Gordon flashing leather
Have you every seen those videos where a guy pretends to be a casting director and gets woman, you guys are perverts.  What?  I brought it up.  Hey, don't try to blame your lack of morals on me.  No, this is about the recent castings of James Gordon and Iris West.  Fox announced that Ben McKenzie will play rookie cop, James Gordon in the upcoming Gotham TV Show.  McKenzie is known for playing Ryan in the O.C. which had Phantom Planet's "California" for it's theme song.  I just listened to it and it really holds up. 

The WB introduced Candice Patton as Iris West this week, as well.  She was Kate in the Craigslist Killer. Personally, I've never bought anything on Craigslist because of this movie.

Nice Hair, dude
Superman Will No Longer Suck

Superman has made such a big resurgence recently in the New 52.  Greg Pak's Action Comics, Charles Soule's Superman/Wonder Woman and the recently canceled Superman Unchained have been so good.  The odd man out has been Scott Lobdell's Superman.  To say it sucks may be a bit harsh so I'll say it kind of sucks.  No wait, that doesn't seem like enough.  It more than kind of sucks.  That's better.  Well, the cavalry has arrived in the form of Geoff Johns and John Romita, Jr.  Beginning this Summer, the two of them will take over and I'm sure it's safe to say, it will be awesome.  Geoff Johns has a knack for turning characters and books around and I'm told Romita, Jr. did a decent job drawing something called Spiderman.  I can't wait.

Batmen Top January Sales
Eric's Living Room Floor

Diamond Distributors announced the top products of January 2014 and Batman #27 and Detective Comics #27 came it at one and two.  Detective Comics was the big issue, but I'm sure the $7.99 price tag kept some from buying it.  I was glad Eric reviewed that one.  My $7.99 went to a double whopper meal on Whopper Wednesday.  My review: 10/10 for deliciousness, 2/10 for service, but that's a story for another day.  Also in the top ten were Justice League #27 (4th), Harley Quinn #2 (8th) and Justice League of America (10th).

That's it for now.  Another Week, Another News.

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