Monday, March 17, 2014

Adventures of Superman #47 Review

Written by: Joe Keatinge
Art by: Ming Doyle and David Williams
Cover Price: $0.99
Release Date: March 17, 2014

Strange Visitor part 2 of 3

Joe Keatinge continues his story of who and what Superman is.  This story is told as a parable by Kamandi, who was established as the last astronaut on Earth.  He tells the story of Superman as the Earth falls apart around him.

I really am getting into this story even though I admit I'm still not entirely sure where it's going.  Actually, maybe that's exactly why I like it.  Last issue we saw a young Man of Steel experiencing his first failure, the Phaethon, a spaceship fueled by red kryptonite that Superman could not save from destruction.  When a young Superman insists it only disappeared, you were lead to believe it was only a defense mechanism. However, this issue shows Superman is wise as well as really strong.

As the World crumbles, Kamandi continues his story of Superman through the ages.  We see him as a baby arriving on Earth, with the bottled City of Kandor and my favorite, saving Lois Lane in Superman: The Motion Picture.  "You've Got Me? Who's Got You?"  I swear I could  hear Margot Kidder's 3 pack-a-day voice as I read it.

We then flash forward to 2013 and Superman and an aged Lois Lane are at the rededicating of the Grand Spaceport during his 75th anniversary.  It is a great scene, but comes off as strange. 2013?  A Spaceport? Aliens, gods and multiple superheroes in the crowd?  It doesn't add up. but then Keatinge somewhat explains it as Superman figures things out a bit himself.  I won't spoil it, but it's a divisive villain that I personally love.  That sets up the twist...the Phaethon did survive and is stuck between dimensions.

As Kamandi's ship leaves a dying Earth, we see Superman watching the whole thing.  Keatinge throws a couple other hints, clues and possible red herrings at the reader as well.  Next issue is the last of the arc and like Lucy, he has some splainin to do.

I've already said that I like this arc because instead of leading us by the hand, Keatinge is giving us a mysterious story that is leaving the reader guessing.  I just hope the buildup is worth what we get next week in the third part.  I can't wait to see.

The art is shared between Ming Doyle and David Williams and I love it for the same reasons as last issue.  The different eras are represented not only by appropriate artwork, but also the copying of the type of print and coloring of the era.  It is an awesome effect.

Bits and Pieces:

Adventures of Superman #47 continues Joe Keatinge's story of the parable of Superman.  Where the story is going is still a mystery, but the writing and art are worth the ride even if we don't yet know the destination. Whether the arc as a whole is a success depends largely on next weeks final issue, but I enjoyed this piece of the puzzle enough to recommend it on it's own.


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