Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Batwoman #29 Review

Written By: Marc Andreyko
Art By: Jason Masters and Jeremy Haun
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: March 19, 2014

Analyze This...Fist Punch

Kate hits the couch, but it isn't really a couch...and she'd rather hit bad guys, anyway.  The Wolf Spider pays Arkham's library a visit, but Batwoman has already checked out what he came to get. Batwoman finally has the upper hand until the inmates start running the asylum.

I've said it before, but Marc Andreyko has made Batwoman his own.  He nailed the voices of the main characters right away, but what I am digging the most is the little humor and pop references thrown in. It doesn't hurt that the art has been excellent and this issue ramps up the action as well.  

I mentioned last issue that when Maggie asked Kate to go to see a shrink I loved it.  It was a real "real" moment.  This issue we get to see her go and guess what?  It's real again because Kate gets angry and storms out.  Just like I would think she would.  It's going to take Kate some time and effort to address her problems, but Maggie makes it clear she will always be there.  That's character development, folks.

Someone else who continues to be developed is the Wolf Spider.  I haven't been a huge fan, but this issue changes that.  I really loved his inner monologue as he stalks through Arkham Asylum on a quest for his next painting. He's snarky, funny and really good this issue.  Kind of reminds me of another spider character some other company is so proud of.  Just saying.  His plan may be progressing a bit slowly, but I am enjoying it all the same.

As for the plan, we get a flashback that doesn't progress the story this issue, but is slowly setting up the reveal to the arc in general.  I could do with a quicker pace or a little more reveal, but like I just said, I'm still enjoying the ride.

Of course, there is also action.  Action galore.  Batwoman has a score to settle with Wolf Spider and is about to cash it in when he...I don't want to spoil everything, but let me tell you its pretty cool and sets up a hell of an action scene for next months issue.

I already said the art was excellent in the book and this issue proves that point.  Jason Masters and Jeremy Haun share duties this month and everything is fine.  Everything is well drawn and shows that you don't have to jump through hoops to impress the reader.  The action scenes are really good with a great sense of motion.

As a side note, if you go into this issue relying on the cover or the solicit you'll be disappointed.  I know sometimes you get a cover or solicit that doesn't represent what's in the book, but when both are misleading it pisses me off a bit.  Sorry, it's a bit of a pet peeve.

Bits and Pieces:

Batwoman #29 doesn't move the story forward much, but the Marc Andreyko is really breathing life into his characters.  This issue finally makes me like the Wolf Spider as a character and Maggie and Kate are great as usual.  Jason Masters and Jeremy Haun nail the art and the end sets up a hell of an action packed issue next month.  I cant wait.


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