Friday, March 21, 2014

DC Announces Star Spangled War Stories

For everyone out there in interwebs land, who's been waiting for DC to announce a new title to build up their 52 titles a month mission statement, we finally got one.  It seems that DC thinks that a great new title that will get people jumping, then stop jumping, then start reading is a war torn revamp of an old title of their's "Star Spangled War Stories", which will be debuting with it's #1 in July.

But check this the main character is someone called G.I. Zombie, a soldier that can fight for his country again and again.  Even though this title is being brought to us by one of my favorite creative teams Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray, I'm afraid that this title will fall just like G.I Combat, and Men of War, and even the Blackhawks.  That and I dont' think that people outside of watching and reading the Walking Dead really care about zombies anymore.

War stories don't seem to be sellers, but DC keeps trying, so good luck this time.  Hopefully DC will begin to announce new titles soon, because if this is what they start with, then I'm intrigued.


  1. That book will disappear off the shelf faster than Judge Crater

  2. Ha ha, now it's off to the interwebs people to understand Jim's reference.

  3. Carter went missing in new york, guess ur saying it wont take long for this book to be cancelled and would feel like it wasnt even on the shelf!!hm