Thursday, March 20, 2014

Suicide Squad #29 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Matt Kindt
Art: Jim Fern, Wayne Faucher
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: March 19, 2014


Last time we saw the Suicide Squad they were getting their collective asses kicked by the monster OMAC.  Well the monster OMAC, with the mind of The Thinker.  All seemed lost, that is until Amanda Waller gave Deadshot magic bullets..... That's right magic bullets, and once shot with these bullets your awareness, strength, and agility are increased for a limited time.  So yeah, magic bullets.  Let's hope it's enough to take down OMAC.  

Explain It!:

The issue begins with Amanda Waller's final plan to take down OMAC.  Apparently in the double secret probation sub basement of Belle Reve, they have a device they jokingly call "The Toilet", but "The Toilet" is no joke.  It's a hole in the ground, and when activated opens a doorway to another universe.  She plans (if Kevin Kho can't take control of OMAC again) to lore the monster in, and flush it away.  But can you lore a hulk, with the mind of a genius into a trap?  Let's find out.

OMAC walks the halls of Belle Reve searching out Amanda Waller, and any stragglers from the Suicide Squad, but the Squad is watching him as well.  Unknown Soldier has bombs ready to blow beneath OMAC, when he get's in position.  But first Deadshot shows up, and shoots Soldier in the neck.  I swear there is something wrong with Deadshot.  You know more than the hired killer something wrong.  Yeah you have these magic bullets, but he shot himself in the head, and now had to shoot Soldier in the neck, hasn't he ever heard of a leg shot?  Dick move.  Alright heightened senses ahoy.  Time to blow the monster down a level.  

On the next level down Harley, Deadshot, and Soldier take on OMAC, who can't seem to get a bead on them.  He figures out they're on them magic bullets (well he doesn't say it like that, he just knows they are enhanced), but ole' Captain Boomerang isn't.  Luckily for the aussie, Power Girl shows up to take the blast that was meant for him, and while OMAC is focused on them, Steel comes up from behind and sledge hammers the shit out of his face.  Thinker is confused on why OMAC is taking so much damage, but he soon realizes he's sharing this body with Kevin Kho, and the battle of wills commences.  While OMAC is distracted inside his mind, it's time to knock him down to the level with "The Toilet".

So how do you move a monster into a portal/hole?  Well you make sure that King Shark shows up just at the right time.  Enraged that OMAC killed his father Kamo, (that's news to me, I didn't realize that he was dead last issue. Insert PSA, The More You Know jingle) King Shark lunges at OMAC knocking them both into the portal/hole.  Well there goes King Shark, a very anti-climactic end for such a beloved character, and of course it was all in vain, because OMAC grabs a hold of the side, and pulls himself back out.  Back inside the mind of OMAC, Thinker and Kevin Kho are battling.  Even though Thinker should totally win, somehow Kevin Kho comes through.  Don't ask me how because I have no idea.  He says that Thinker doesn't know what he's capable of, and it's all over.  It's very strange, and I don't think that Fern's art really tells this part of the story well.  So Kevin has control of OMAC once again, and all is well.  That is until Captain Boomerang hits him in the face with a energy boomerang, and knocks him into "The Toilet".  WTF!  Scottish Terrier Damn it!  So we lose King Shark, and OMAC........ Fuck.

Well in the end The Thinker's original body is missing, so he'll probably be back, and the team is a little pissed when Waller tells them that the enhanced abilities they have are limited side effects of the new nano bombs.  So so much for magic bullets.  But don't worry, Deadshot shot Waller with one too, so this might just back fire on her.  Literally.  But for now, the Squad is back together, and we have one issue left to see the fate of Task Force X.  Hope to see you next month, one last time.  

Bits and Pieces:

I gotta tell you that I really dug the art of Jim Fern for this issue, but while it looked great, I found myself missing some of the things that were supposed to be conveyed to me.  But it still looked great.  Matt Kindt seemed to really pull this story together in order to finish the run next issue, and right now I'm impressed.  This has got to be my favorite issue of Suicide Squad, for it's Forever Evil tie-in, and I'm really sad to see it go.  But we have one more issue, so I'll wait another month to cry, and right now I'll sit back and read this issue again.  Go check it out.


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