Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Aquaman and the Others #2 Review

Written by: Dan Jurgens
Art by: Lan Medina
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: May 7. 2014

Legacy of Gold

The last time we saw Aquaman and the Others, the  Living Room           (I actually like the name) was exploding from a missile attack.  This issue we immediately learn a lesson about forming a super team ...always have someone who flies.  The Others didn't get the memo and are plummeting to their deaths.  Sounds like a great time to reintroduce the team, right?  We go through the roster with one-liners and quips galore until we get to Sky Alchesey who has a plan.  She opens a portal to the Ghost Lands where they all land safe and sound.

I realize that Jurgens is trying to get us to know this diverse group of characters a bit better, but the more I know, the less I like.  Maybe it's just me, but it's been going downhill for me since their big Aquaman issue.

Now that they are safe, Aquaman swims off for help and Sky goes to talk to the ghost of Kahina.  Kahina's sister was the girl at the end of last issue with the visions of Futures End and Kahina tells Sky she has the "sight" and was kidnapped.  Sounds like a mission to me.  Afterwards, Aquaman shows up with a sweet ride and the team is off...

Off to save Kahina's sister, Seyah, from some Eurotrash brother and sister super villain team.  After getting stranded and fighting some rock monsters(?), the Others come face-to-face with Seyah's captors.  Everyone looks surprised.  If you could see me I probably looked confused and bored.

I already told you I'm fast becoming irritated by the Others, well I like the villains even less.  Maybe with a little more exposure that will change. One can only hope.

I hate to continue driving the negative train, but Lan Medina's art didn't really impress me either.  It's a bit up and down.  One panel is good and it's followed by one that looks unfinished.  I have a pet peeve when it comes to characters with all white eyes.  It worked for Little Orphan Annie, but not here.

Bits and Pieces:

I hate to sound like a negative Nancy, but I thought this issue was pretty mediocre.  We should still be in the "can't do no wrong" part of this relationship, but I'm already looking for the door.  I will give Dan Jurgens a little more time to right the ship, but so far I'm not impressed.


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  1. The Others was a creation of Johns so it is hard for another writer to fully grasp what the attitude of each member is or what direction should they follow as a whole. Add to this that Johns didn't actually used them as a Justice League of super heroes rather as a mean to an end for Aquaman to hunt down ''Flack Manta'' and take revenge. Also the Others worked as human vaults for atlantean artifacts and not as supporting cast for Arthur. Personally what Johns wanted was to establish a connection for Aquaman to the land. Aquaman is a controversial super hero often the center of mockery and hate therefore all these attempts focused to shape him to air-breather standards and make him more likeable. The main problem with Aquaman is that he is irrelevant to an average man's every day life because he is the king of an underwater kingdom with ties to divinity and the supernatural which makes him a bit dull. All in all I like the Others and particularly Prisoner of War, Sky Alchesay and the deceased Vostok based on their unique manifold personalities. Time and writing sharpness will reveal if both Aquaman's and the Others future will be bright.