Monday, May 5, 2014

Just For The Hell Of It Mondays 5/5/14

We're done "How Bad We Had It In The 90's" month, and we all got through it relatively unscathed, like me you might need to repress certain things, but we should all be okay in the long run.  This week it's time for something completely different.  While it has the feel of the 90's, it's in the best way possible because it's in the animation style of a favorite cartoon of mine; Ren & Stimpy.  That's right kiddos I'm talking about the Plastic Man animated series pilot that was never picked up and never aired, but might have had that wackiness that shows now a days like Adventure Time, Chowder, and others I don't watch have.  I just really like the idea of a Plastic Man something because he seems like the red headed step child of the DCU, and it'd be nice to have the Eel O'Brian out there infecting kid's minds with his nonsensical adventures.  One of my favorite Super Powers action figures as a kid was Plastic Man and all it did was you squeezed his legs together and his neck popped up, and it was the shit.  But enough with memory lane, let's get to the fun.  So for your viewing pleasure check out 2006's Plastic Man pilot episode Puddle Trouble.  Boosh!

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