Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Earth 2 #23 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Tom Taylor
Art By: Nicola Scott
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: May 7, 2014

Putting The Green In.... Oh Shit It's The Green Lantern!

Last time we stepped into Earth 2 we saw our hero Green Lantern rise from the ashes left by the explosive death of Steppenwolf, and all I can say is, it's about time.  We also saw Red Tornado and Hawk Girl trying to get Val to believe a man can fly, by soaking him in the sun and trying to get his powers to...... well power up.  But their training was interrupted when Superman and a hoard of Parademons show up to spoil their nice day.  At the end of the issue Superman was about to kill Val when Red Tornado shouted to him that she's Lois, and lucky for Val the head crushing was put on hold.  Let's see how our heroes fair in The Kryptonian Pt. 3.

Explain It!:

Like I said Superman stopped the head crushing on Val, and takes Lois Red Tornado and flies her away.  Only problem with this is it leaves a weakened Hawk Girl and Val with a shit ton of Parademons to deal with.  But all is not lost here because Alan Scott The Green Lantern returns to save the day, and man is it badass.  He flies in holding all the Parademons at bay, and Hawk Girl says "Alan, I thought you died", he responds by saying "I did, and it really pissed me off." then blows all the Parademons away.  Like I said badass.

The trio return to the Bat Cave and Jimmy Olsen hacks into Red Tornado's systems, and finds out that Superman took her home to Smallville.  We see Superman fly down and Ma and Pa Kent answer the door, and man do they looked freaked out, but a calm freaked out you know.  Remember that Twilight Zone story "It's A Good Life", about the boy who held his family prisoner and if they didn't be nice he'd send them away to the cornfield?  It's a lot like that.  So even though Lois is all Red Tornado'ed up Clark seems genuinely happy to be with her and have her at the family homestead, but he's genuinely creepy too.  This whole scene is creepy and Ma and Pa Kent are just going on with their day acting like their son isn't a genocidal maniac.  But we break the creepiness with some good old fasioned despair when Superman contacts Bedlam and tells him that the Wonders are in Gotham, and since we all know that Superman knows where the Bat Cave is, we have a good idea where he'll send the Parademons.  Well it's a good thing the team were listening in via Red Tornado huh?

So the onslaught of Parademons rips through the Bat Cave complete with War Hounds, and Apokorats, and our heroes prepare to make their escape.  Only problem is Green Lantern wants to stay and fight, and is refusing to leave even though Batman has activated a self destruct for the cave.  In the end Sandman opens a portal, Red Arrow looks to be killed by a Apokorat (so many heroes have died in my books this week. Damn), and Green Lantern asks Hawk Girl to stay with him after everyone teleports away, and the countdown to self destruction hits zero.  That's it for now, they leave us with a giant explosion that leaves the Bat Cave and all the bad guys in rubble and ashes.  Hopefully our two heroes who stayed behind are alright, but don't worry I have a pretty good feeling that Tom Taylor wouldn't bring back Green Lantern to just kill him off with Hawk Girl.  He wouldn't do that right?  See you next month and we'll find out together.

Bits and Pieces:

If you look at my other reviews for this title it's fairly obvious that this is my favorite, and there's a reason.  Every month this title gives us nothing less than a compelling story, interesting characters, and superlative art.  The idea of weekly comics gives me anxiety because the notion of me being burnt out and not wanting to read a comic worries me, but for this titles weekly Earth 2: World's End, I can't wait.  All in all another great book by a great creative team, go buy it, steal it, I don't care just make sure you're reading Earth 2.


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