Thursday, May 8, 2014

Batman/Superman #10 Review

Written by: Jeff Lemire
Art by: Karl Kerschl and Scott Hepburn
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: May 7, 2014

Funtastic Voyage

Batman is in a coma and it's up to Superman and Ray Palmer to help him.  When they discover a miniature spaceship/city in the Dark Knight's brain, it's time for a "Fantastic Voyage" that is full of fun and adventure for all ages.  Jeff Lemire, Karl Kerschl and Scott Hepburn give readers a one-shot issue that's a throwback to a time when comics were goofy fun.  But is it any good?

Jeff Lemire is given the task of writing a one-shot Batman/Superman story for a couple of reasons.  Mainly, I believe that it's to allow the regular team of Pak and Lee to get the book's schedule back on track.However, I suspect the other reason was to make me smile.  I can't say anything about the first, but as far as the second...mission accomplished.

I was a huge fan of Lemire's Frankenstein: Agents of Shade, so when the book opens with the Ant Farm and Father Time I couldn't help but smile.  After a funny Superman introduction, we jump into the meat of the issue.  Superman needs Ray Palmer and his shrink tech to go inside a comatose Batman and figure out why an alien spacecraft has appeared in his brain.  Yea, it is as crazy as it sounds.

After doing just that, the duo find the aliens have been taken over by villains with hilarious names.  Dr. Smashhammer and Titan Super Gladiator?  Sign me up.  Of course, there is a battle (both inside and outside of Batman) and the good guys save the day.

In the end we get Ray Palmer taking the Atom as his super name (awesome), Shade planting trackers on the Batman and Superman (not sure if it will lead to anything) and Batman wondering why he ever leaves Gotham (hilarious).  I'm not sure if any of this will play out in the future, but at least we'll always have this issue.

I really enjoyed this issue.  No, it wasn't thought provoking or dark and gritty.  Maybe that's why I liked it so much.  The New 52 has been a bit void in fun and that's why I started reading comics as a kid.  To escape in wacky adventures with my favorite heroes and watch them beat up crazy villains.  That's what Lemire gives us.  I also liked that the comic opens mid story.  We're told Batman "contracted" the alien ship in an adventure in space.  Like Star Wars, it makes my mind spin with joy thinking up the backstory.

The art is split between Karl Kerschl (outside Batman) and Scott Hepburn (inside Batman).  I really like Kerschl's work, but was not too fond of Hepburn's.  At least there is a distinct difference in the scenes each does, but I just wish they had more compatible styles.

Bits and Pieces:

Batman/Superman #10 is a fun story any fan of either hero can enjoy.  Jeff Lemire writes an all ages, funny little adventure that feels out of place in the New 52 only because of how fun it is.  It's like jumping in the wayback machine to when comics were a blast to read.  Recommended.



  1. I aint gonna lie but Atoms suit doesnt look that bad!! I kinda dig it, i little ant-man ish but it suits him!! Nice review!!

  2. I really liked this issue too. Especially since the art wasn't as distracting as most of the other issues. I hope we see more of this Atom after this (though I appreciated Bruce's comment about the other Atom they worked with being a big problem).

    1. I agree fully. I love the Atom and hope it sticks. I also really like SHADE but realize that is more of a Lemire thing. This is the first time I wanted to continue the story from an "Inventory Issue" rather than get back to the regular creative time and plot.