Thursday, May 29, 2014

Suicide Squad #30 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Sean Ryan
Art By: Andre Coelho, Scott Hanna
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: May 28, 2014

Not Really The Final Issue, Only Kinda Sorta.

As the sub header says, this is only kinda sorta the final issue of our favorite team of villains and miscreants.  As I think most of you know The New Suicide Squad will return in July with a new creative team, and a new roster for Task Force X.  But to get us started Sean Ryan the writer of the new series finishes us off with a little sneak peek of what he was planned for the future.  So let's dive into a post Forever Evil world where we see America trying to get it's shit together.  Remember this isn't really a Suicide Squad story, it's more of a intermission between the old series and the new.  Okay let the show begin.

Explain It!:

I'll reiterate what I said above.  We're looking at a post Forever Evil world, where America is picking up the pieces, and pointing figures at whoever needs to take the blame.  That person just happens to be Amanda Waller, who is humiliated, and stripped of her previous untouchable "I'm the most important secret person in the world" title.  This issue deals with the fall of Amanda Waller, and it's like Dante's Inferno with the seven layers of disgrace, that Amanda goes through.  Congress humiliates her, the Secretary of Defense strips her of her double secret probation level clearance.  It's pretty much just a all around bad day for The Wall.  We find out that while Task Force X was classified before, it's an open book now, and everyone knows about it and wants a piece of it.  Amanda is put back in charge of a new Belle Reve, and she's pretty much forced to just use the Suicide Squad for whatever the higher ups in America want them for.  It all boils down to her new job title pretty much being "Shut up and do what your told".  I really think that the biggest disgrace she felt was when she was shown her office in the new Belle Reve.  It's no bigger than a small walk in closet.  Bastards!

Now this bit of story kind of pisses me off.  Now I know I can be accused of being an awful fanboy, but my Ma always told me to do what I'm good at, and I'm awesome at reading 22 pages of a picture book at a time.  Anyway, at the end of Forever Evil #7 we saw most of Lex's Injustice League go there separate ways, and Black Manta took off and stole a sub to go treasure hunting or something along those lines.  But here we see that he's being pardoned for all his prior crimes for saving the world and all.  CONTINUITY!!!!!!!!  Sorry sorry I had a small fit, but I think I'll be alright now.  So Black Manta goes off to start his new life, and after realizing that life isn't as exciting as trying to kill Aquaman or saving the world, he flips out when looking at a fast food menu, and is arrested again.  It's kind of funny that since Black Manta thought Aquaman had died during Forever Evil, he doesn't want to kill him anymore because that would leave his life empty.  Oh you people and your strange feelings.  So Black Manta is arrested again, and the Secretary of Defense offers to put some excitement back into his life by putting him on the Suicide Squad.  I'd probably go sky diving, or sit in the car with an elderly person driving but to each their own.  Even though he's refused in the past, now Black Manta is all about joining the team.  I like Black Manta and all, but I'm really going to miss King Shark, because Trixie is here to party.

The last bit of story we have is centered around Deadshot's transfer to the the new Belle Reve.  The prisoners being transferred with him have a escape plan that will go down during transit.  Deadshot doesn't seem too interested, and would rather enjoy the ride.  When the escape is supposed to happen we see how America has really gotten it's shit together in dealing with Metas, because they fly out with jet packs and energy weapons, and immediately take out the threat.  Off to the new secret Belle Reve they go, where we'll start the New Suicide Squad in July.  I hope the time goes by pretty fast because I can't wait to see what this new team will offer us.  Until then, don't let anyone put exploding tracking chips in your neck.

Bits and Pieces:

This last issue is a lot like JLA's last issue where we're just getting prepped to start the new series, and little more is offered.  Where this is superior to JLA's though is that we haven't already seen the new series so there's a still a bit of mystery about what we're going to get, which I like.  Even though this issue is pretty cool, I was really hoping to see a return from King Shark because of the cover, but that's what I get for being a dummy and expecting a cover to be about the story.  All in all it's a nice preview of the writing style that Sean Ryan will be giving us in the future, and I'm just glad that Suicide Squad escaped the cancellation chopping block.  Check it out, and get prepared for things to come.


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