Friday, May 30, 2014

Top 5 Fridays: Top 5 Characters That Should Be In The New Suicide Squad

I just got done reviewing the last issue of Suicide Squad and I figured instead of just sitting here waiting for the New Suicide Squad to come out in July, I'd actually do something productive in the meantime.  Now there are rules for this list, I know I'm asking a bit much putting rules into a Top 5 List but bare with me a second.  The rules are simple, I put up five characters I want to see on a Task Force X roster, but keep in
mind that Harley Quinn, Deadshot, and King Shark are already on the roster.  Well maybe not rules but definitely guidelines.  These three characters make up the constant for any Suicide Squad team for me in the New 52, and I'm a little pissed that King Shark didn't make the cut for the New team coming soon.  Oh you might not know the new team, well let me enlighten you.  For the new and improved Suicide Squad we get Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Joker's Daughter, Black Manta, and Deathstroke.  While this seems pretty cool minus Joker's Daughter, I want what I want because let's face it, I'm a selfish fanboy.  So let's move on to the list of the Weird Science Suicide Squad, and remember the guidelines and that Trixie's here to party.

#5.  Black Lightning

Yeah I know he's a hero and all, but after reading the last issues of Justice League of America, and Suicide Squad it seems that in a post Forever Evil world the government has a big hate on for metas, and might imprison one just to keep them under their thumb.  So with all that in mind I figure why not see Black Lightning get into a bit of action with a pack of psychotics and killers all in the name of homeland security?  The stories would be great with Jefferson dealing with his false imprisonment to being used by a government that has failed him as an American citizen, and his struggles with trying to escape the clutches of ARGUS.  I don't know, it sounds a bit anti government but this is a America on watch after Forever Evil, anyone who remembers how things were right after 9/11 can imagine this scared DCU that isn't willing to take chances with meta humans anymore.  Wow once you write 9/11 it gets a little dark, so let's forget that analogy.  So just give me Black Lightning in something, because he's sorely missed.

#4.  Killer Frost

Even though Killer Frost helped out Steve Trevor throughout Forever Evil: ARGUS (which I sadly didn't review.)....(don't give me any guff about it, I had a huge workload, and something had to be sacrificed, let's just move on.) I don't think that Killer Frost would get the villain/heroes welcome that Luthor's Injustice League got at the end of the Forever Evil event.  For one thing she was working with Trevor who was shit canned for his efforts, so it's not to far fetched that this heat stealing vampire would get thrown into the meta-human clink.  ARGUS throws her into the new Belle Reve and provides her with some kind of super sciencey heat methadone that keeps her urges at bay in exchange for doing some dangerous work for her country.  Which she agrees to now that she knows Firestorm is back in action, and if she's out in the world doing black ops missions and the like, then at least there's a chance she'll run into him again.  Plus with Caitlyn Snow appearing in the new Flash TV show, let's get this girl some more panel play.

#3.  Bronze Tiger

Now the Bronze Tiger of yesteryear is no stranger to the Suicide Squad, but for all of you out there that read Red Hood and The Outlaws you'll know that this New 52 version is some kind of Were-Tiger ninja.  That's right some kind of Were-Tiger ninja, how the hell does anyone compete with that?  Now I don't have a clever way to put him into the Squad because for one thing not a lot is known about this re-imagining of the character and for another he's still chilling in 'Eth Alth'eban last time I saw him.  Yeah I think it's a silly name for a city too.  But the reasons he should be included are easy.  He's kind of a bad guy, badass abilities, and I saw the badass episode of Arrow featuring the Suicide Squad and he was apart of it.  Try to tell me that when you saw all those villains together in Arrow it didn't make you a little hard, and I'll call you a liar sir.  So get Ben Turner on the roster, simply so I can know more about this character in the New 52, and to sell comics I guess.

#2.  Parasite

Okay this is a bit of a shake up to the conventional team, but I think it would be fun as hell having Parasite on the team.  I know that we already have a vampire like character in Killer Frost's heat stealing ways, and it's kind of redundant to have another but imagine a Task Force X that constantly has to worry about Parasite getting hungry.  That's terrifying, and even if he's only in for a few issues I'd be happy.  A couple ops go bad because everyone is watching what the Parasite is doing during their missions and can't concentrate on the task at hand.  I know he'd make me nervous.  Unlike Bronze Tiger I can totally see how Parasite got himself locked away in Belle Reve, but it really depends on what you think happened last.  Either he wound up there after Superboy blasted his arms and legs off in Superboy #31, or when the Justice League beat his ass when they went looking for Lex Luthor in Justice League #30.  Either way he's getting locked up and thrown right into Weird Science's Suicide Squad.

#1.  Copperhead

Now this pick could appear a little anticlimactic, but Copperhead is a perfect candidate for Task Force X.  Now it can be argued that Deathstroke killed him in Forever Evil #6, but hey it's comics man people come back all the time, and I never once saw a snake man coroner there.  Just look at that re-imagining of this character.  Okay it's a lot like the re-imagining of Bronze Tiger, but it's a scary ass snake man and that's terrifyingly awesome.  It's strange while I always liked Copperhead as a villain he was really silly looking, and I guess all it takes is to take the human element away from him, and he's magically more badass.  So while I'm sorry this isn't a big shocker #1, he is the most qualified to join the Suicide Squad, and I stand by it.  Also like a lot of characters in the New 52, I just want to know more about him.  So yeah... Copperhead.  Can You Dig It?!

So there's my Top 5 picks for new members of the Suicide Squad, and I hope that you people reading this list give Suicide Squad a chance if you haven't already.  Sean Ryan the new writer of the upcoming relaunch also wrote the last issue of this incarnation of the Squad and while there was nothing really exciting going on in the issue, we did get to see Black Manta show his contempt for fast food, and get a preview of Ryan's writing style.  I liked it enough, so go check out the New Suicide Squad in July, and in the meantime create you're own Task Force X to keep productive just like me.  That's it for this week, see you in seven.  Boosh!


  1. This isn't really in any particular order as much as roles to be filled. I haven't read any New 52 Suicide Squad, but here are some ideas.

    Deathstroke - Field Commander
    Warp - Transportation/Scouting
    Killer Frost - Crowd Control
    Plastique - Demolitions
    Metallo - Muscle

    1. I love Metallo and Plastique on the team. Great list!

  2. Nice list. Plastique was almost on mine as well, but was bumped out by Bronze Tiger. I would of definitely had Metallo on the list because I used to love him, but sadly I'm not a fan of his New 52 re-imagining. Like I said in the list New Suicide Squad starts out with a #1 in July, and if you dig villains kicking ass and taking names then you should definitely check it out.