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Weird Science DC Comics Week in Review 8/30/14

Hello Party People and welcome to another  a new version of DC Comics Week in Review.  I had been doing a (semi) weekly News column, but ran into a couple problems. One, I'm very lazy.  Two, there are weeks without much news.  I will never stop being lazy because as Popeye says, "I am what I am", but I'm hoping that I'll have a bit more to talk about with this format.  Here in the States it's Labor Day Weekend and that means the end of the Summer.  My kids are getting ready to go back to school and they are not ready at all.  They all had to read one book and do a report over the Summer and of course, none of them have done one bit of work.  So, what should a Father do to help?  That's right, we are all going to see Guardians of the Galaxy again this afternoon!  My fellow writer, Eric just went to see it yesterday and he loved it, of course.  I wish that DC would stop being so grim and gritty and make a fun movie...say a Legion of Superheroes or Teen Titans joint.  I know it's never going to happen, so let's get back to why we are here...

The Week in Review

New Justice League Artist

Out with the Reis and Prado, in with the Fabok.  That's right, the awesome Jason Fabok is going to be the new artist on Justice League with Geoff Johns.  I have really enjoyed Fabok's art on Batman: Eternal and I guess so have the management of DC.  His first issue will be Justice League #36.  Here is the solicit:

“THE AMAZO VIRUS” continues! A bizarre disease has been unleashed, America has been quarantined and the whole world is at a stand still – but no one on the League may be more affected by this than Batman! What deadly secret about the League does the Amazo Virus hold? Where did it come from? Who unleashed it and why? And what does it mean for the future of the world’s greatest heroes?

Arrow Casting News

Yep, more casting news.  First off is Liam Neeson who says he would love to reprise his role of Ra's al Ghul for the CW television program.  I'm sure it won't happen, but it would be pretty cool. What happened to the days when movie stars looked at T.V. with upturned noses?  My guess is they saw Jeleel White living off that Family Matters money and wanted in.  In actual casting news; The Wolverine actress, Rila Fukushima, will be replacing Devon Aoki as Katana, Nolan Funk from Glee will be playing Felicity's boyfriend in her origin episode and Supernatural's Amy Gumenick will play Carrie Cutter/Cupid.  Man, this show is getting really crowded.

This Week's DC Nation Shorts:

Tales of Metropolis - Jimmy Olsen 

Plastic Man - Untouchable

Doom Patrol - The Spy Within the Doom Patrol

Doom Patrol - Trail of the Terrible Titan

Super Rabbit

Here is a clip from the Cartoon Networks The Looney Tunes Show airing tonight (August 31) at 6:30 est.

Book of the Week - Batman Beyond 2.0 #31

So many books came out this week, but my pick for the best goes to Batman Beyond 2.0 #31.  It's the finale of the great Mark of the Phantasm story and if you haven't been reading it, shame on you.  I know there are still people out there that don't take the digital titles seriously, but those people are really missing out.  If I had to pick my Book of the Year right now it would be Batman Beyond 2.0 with issue #28 being my Issue of the Year.  It's really that good.  Here is my review for Batman Beyond 2.0 #31.


I'm still not really excited for the Futures End event...Geoff Johns is working overtime to fix Superman's New 52 image...Is Superman: Doomed over yet?...He-Man artist, Pop Mhan, is one righteous dude...I told you months ago in this column that everyone would be sad when All Star Western was canceled...G.I. Zombie is not the book I was expecting...I really need to get in shape...I could eat a whopper for every meal...maybe that's why I need to get in shape...Is it wrong that I'm looking most forward to Gotham Academy in October?...

Another Week, Another Week in Review.  Jim "Youngblood is an underrated sports movie" Werner...Out!

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