Friday, September 5, 2014

Top 5 Fridays: Top 5 Futures End Stories We Won't See, But We'd Like To

Well we've started the Futures End event and with it a week full of future stories dealing with our favorite characters from DC Comics.  Well maybe not our favorite characters since a lot of titles have been cancelled leading up to this event over the last three years and with that a lot of characters we won't get to see in the strange land of Five Years From Now.  So for this week's Top 5 Fridays we'll be looking at the Top 5 Futures End Stories We Won't See, But We'd Like To, because the title has already been cancelled.  Now it's still up in the air whether we'll get a piece of one of these characters in a different title, but at this point I doubt it.  Also Futures End's weekly book won't count for this, because we'll be dealing with characters from that overall story as well.  So let's check out which characters due to poor sales numbers get the shaft from having a future.

#5.  Talon

Now like a lot of other people, I think that the Court of The Owls was one of the coolest things to come out of the New 52, so with that in mind it's no wonder that DC put out a spin off title called Talon.  In that story if you're not familiar, a rogue Talon named Calvin Rose sought to undue the Court and finally have them see their end.  But then a lot of shit went down, Bane was added and the series began taking a downward spiral until it was eventually cancelled, but the initial story was awesome and I was sad to see it go.  The point here is, I want to see what Calvin Rose is doing Five Years From Now and if he's still periodically taking on the Court, or if he's decided to take super heroing seriously and became a mainstay in Gotham.  I doubt that Calvin will be mentioned in any of the Futures End stories and even doubt that we'll ever hear from him again, but in a perfect world he'd be out there fighting evil with what evil taught him.  So long Calvin Rose, maybe we'll see you Ten Years From Now.

#4.  Firestorm

Now come on, this one seems too perfect not to have an issue dedicated to him.  Now I know that Booster Gold has an issue with him being the time traveler of the DCU and all, but we've got a major story going on with Firestorm and little to no back story which led to it.  I would of loved to have a few prologue issues which led to some of the side stories in Futures End, like what the hell went down between Ronnie Raymond and Jason Rusch?  We've seen from the weekly title that Ronnie lost his mother during the Earth 2 war, but there has to be more to the story to keep these two friends from becoming the Nuclear Man.  If not only to find out about that story, I would also love to know how and when Firestorm got that badass new streamlined suit.  Looking good Firestorm.  But like the rest on this list, I guess we'll never see it and that's too bad, because the world is a little colder without a Firestorm title.

#3.  Static Shock

Static keeps getting the short end of the stick for everything.  First off he's only given six issues to shine before he was cancelled, but in all fairness those issues weren't the best, but the point is he's been completely missing ever since, except for a guest shot in Hawkman way way back.  I said in an earlier list about when Jon Lane Kent started hanging around S.T.A.R. Labs New York that he'd better run into Virgil, since last we saw he was working there, but again it was a no go.  Superboy was cancelled and met a whole lot of new friends at S.T.A.R. Labs, but Static was left out in the cold.  So how about we see him in his own story Five Years From Now to test the waters again to see if fans enjoy his adventures, or just to see what he's up to because I'm seriously thinking about putting his picture on milk cartons to see if anyone has any idea where he is.  Come home Static, we all miss you.

#2.  Blue Beetle

Like Static, Jaime Reyes has been missing for a long time.  While yes he fared better than Static with the amount of issues to his series, he was also cancelled too soon and then made his way into outer space for the really out there and short lived Threshold title, where he hasn't been seen since.  Yes he was at Green Arrow's funeral in Futures End's weekly book, but what has our boy and his scarab been up to?  His parents thought he was dead, or at least thought he could be after his series ended and he was stuck in space, but what after that?  Did he just go home and say "Hi mom and dad!  The Blue Beetle took care of me when I was in space and we are in no way the same person, so try and have me legally declared alive again so I can go back to school."  These are things I need to know DC and I completely understand if you sit around and say "Fuck that guy from Weird Science", but don't take it out on Blue Beetle.  He didn't do anything wrong and it might be fun seeing what he's up to Five Years From Now, to just give some of his fans some closure.

#1.  Storm Watch

Now like Firestorm, this future version of Storm Watch begs for a prologue to their story, but the reason that it makes the #1 spot above all others is that I really didn't like Storm Watch all too much while it was a title, but with this team I'm intrigued.  We've got Storm Watch mainstays which is fine, but I want to know what happened to the rest of the team and how the hell Mermaid from Frankenstein: Agent of SHADE and Hawkman got pulled in with this lot.  There is a hell of a story here and all we know is that they die right away and we'll never know how this group of misfits got together to travel through the bleed.  At least Hawkman and Engineer survived the initial assault from Brainiac, but besides for taking down the villain I doubt that Storm Watch will have anything more going on for itself than Hawkman avenging their deaths.  So many stories to tell and only a select bunch of titles to tell them in.  Hopefully we get all the answers to the things we're looking for in the weekly title and we don't have to go online and bitch more than we already do.

That's it for this week's Top 5 Fridays and our foray into the land of Five Years From Now.  Futures End is already booming and hopefully this event will be a fruitful one for DC Comics and the readers as we take a look at this supposed future and see what the world holds for the first canonical story of Batman Beyond.  See you in seven.


  1. Personally, I would have put Talon at the top of my list- it was a favourite series of mine and I wish it was still going. As for others, Superboy would have been great, as would Mr Terrific (even though his new 52 run was lacklustre), Hawkman and a Green Lantern book featuring Simon Baz.

    1. Superboy did get his own Futures End but don't worry you weren't missing much. I was really excited about it when it was announced but after reading it I wish that the series had just ended the way it had and we didn't get a look at our Boy of Steel Five Years From Now..........It was just awful. Mister Terrific also got one in the form of Earth 2 Futures End and while it was okay it didn't make much sense to me from where we are in the Futures End story. Baz would have been great but for the most part I was happy with every Lantern book we received for that event.