Monday, September 1, 2014

Sinestro #5 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Cullen Bunn
Art By: Dale Eaglesham
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: August 27, 2014

Fear of The Unknown

Last issue of Sinestro we saw our title character, Soranik and a handful of Sinestro Corpsmen take on the anti-emotion cult and actually come out victorious.  Even though Sinestro was forced into what the cult call "The Paling", we saw our anti-hero overcome this emotional vasectomy and come back from it kicking ass and taking names.  It seems that while they can shield themselves from hard light constructs, they can only do it one emotional spectrum at a time.  So it's a good thing Soranik and her Green Lantern ring hung around for as long as she did.  In the end Sinestro beat his opponents and saved his people that he came to save, but it seems that his daughter doesn't really think he's up to the task of leading the Korugarians again and contacted the Green Lantern Corps leader to come and assist.  That's right all you pretty people out there in interwebs land, it seems that Hal Jordan and Sinestro will go toe to toe again for the first time since Green Lantern #20.  Let's see how this meeting of frienemies goes down.

Explain It!:

When our story begins Sinestro now confronted by Hal Jordan, believes that he's still under the affect of "The Paling" and that Jordan must be a figment of his imagination.  But after a quick tussle, all my fears of Hal being an illusion are put to rest.  Don't worry boys and girls, they didn't trick us with last issue's cliff hanger, it's actually Hal.  So after a bit of posturing, the two decide to have themselves a proper talk and that leads to the most badass thing that I've seen in this series so far.  

First we see what happened to Sinestro after he murdered the Guardians while having the Parallax entity within him.  Since the First Lantern destroyed Korugar, Sinestro has had no real reason to live and decided to exile himself.  But in order to be truly alone, he would have to control the whispers that Parallax speaks within him and eventually after meditation and ancient rites of controlling one's self, it seems that Sinestro is now the master of the entity of fear.  This point hits home, when out of nowhere Parallax comes out of Sinestro's emblem and attacks Hal Jordan and then simply gives up it's attack and goes back inside the emblem at the simple snap of Sinestro's fingers.  

OH SHIT!!!!!
That's right you fear fans, Sinestro truly is the master of fear now and after witnessing this power, Hal Jordan simply tells Soranik to go with her father and protect her people and he leaves to tell the tale of the once greatest Green Lantern and now the ruler of fear.  Sinestro loves the fact that he was able to do what no one was able to do before him and also that Hal Jordan doesn't know how he did it, is the thing that makes him the most afraid.  The fear of the unknown.

That's it for this issue of Sinestro and man what an issue it was.  It's really good to finally know what happened to what I'm pretty sure is the only emotional entity left in the universe after the others pierced the Source Wall to restore the emotional reservoir.  Sinestro is bigger and badder than ever and I pity the fool who tries to go up against him and his new pet Parallax.  See you next month as we dive into Five Years From Now and see what going on with our favorite Yellow Lantern in the future, but by the cover of it seems like old Sinestro might have become Jombie from Pee Wee's Playhouse with hands.  I guess we'll have to wait till next month to find out.  

Bits and Pieces:

While some might not like that most of the issue is Hal Jordan and Sinestro simply talking things out and measuring dick size, it was a really good change of pace and answered questions we've had since Green Lantern #20.  It was just another really good issue and as always the artwork was beyond top notch, so if you're still not reading this book, you better be blind because I don't really see any other excuse.  Go check it out.


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