Friday, September 12, 2014

DC Comics Cancels Batman Beyond 2.0

Yea, you read that right.  My favorite book is ending on November 1st.  Kyle Higgins broke the news to Newsarama (boo!) and confirmed that he set out to tell a story and that the recent Mark of the Phantasm was a big part of it.  I do find it odd that they just
didn't end the series at the end of that story, but I guess I should shut my mouth and be happy I get to read a few more issues.

Recently, Christos Gage's Justice League Beyond 2.0 was canceled and Batman Beyond went from a bi monthly schedule to once a week.  If you are a fan of the Digital First titles, there is going to be a huge hole in your Saturdays come November.  I guess we still have Jiro Kuwata's Batmanga...yea right.

If you haven't been reading Batman Beyond 2.0 in digital or print, you really have been missing out on one of the best books DC is putting out.  It's a must read for fans of the Batman Animated Universe, but is great for everyone.  Sadly, it's over soon.  Maybe it'll be replaced by something even better.

Here's a preview of an upcoming issue (Issue #39...the penultimate issue of the series)


  1. Too bad, loved this series

  2. So did I. I seem to have bad luck when a book is my favorite. They never last.

  3. Why are they cancelling it? This series has been so good. And it has a huge fanbase.

    1. My guess is Kyle Higgins doesn't want to do it or just has no time. I'm really afraid that it's Higgins leaving DC all together. They pretty much screwed him on Nightwing which made him go do C.O.W.L . If it is the "not enough time", however, I will be really pissed because canceling Justice League Beyond made them move Batman Beyond to a weekly book.

    2. forgot to mention, the canceling made me not want to read the latest issue... I'm about to do it now and I've never not read it the minute it comes out.

  4. I published this list of what should happen if 2.0 reignites.