Sunday, September 7, 2014

Five Questions With...Ethan Van Sciver

Yes, this week's Five Questions is with one of my favorite artists, Ethan Van Sciver.  Recently, he helped launch Sensation Comics featuring Wonder Woman with Gail Simone (which everyone reading this should check out, btw) and has a long list of great work. Green Lantern, Superman/Batman, The Flash: Rebirth, The Fury of Firestorm, Batman: The Dark Knight and the list goes on and on. You know what makes him even greater?  We asked him to do this column and he agreed.  That's tops in my book.  On a side note, Ethan once had a job as a caricaturist at the Cherry Hill Mall.  I used to go to the Cherry Hill Mall in my teens and we are very close in age so there is a possibility I shook my head at the guy with the goth makeup, wearing a tux and drawing pictures of girls wearing roller skates (everybody loves roller skating). Also, I have a son named Ethan.  Weird.  Thanks to Ethan for doing this and having fun with our stupid questions and I hope everyone enjoys it.

1. What books are you working on now and/or are coming out soon?

At the moment, I'm putting the finishing touches on my section of GREEN LANTERN: GODHEAD #1, and then I'm starting a fill in issue of SINESTRO.

2. With the name "Ethan Van Sciver", you must go to plenty of fancy dinner parties.  What do you tell them you do for a living and what is the worst response you ever got?
You used to have Guy Gardner's first appearance?
How Fascinating!

Oh, I do!  I'm a fabulous dinner guest.  A fascinator.  And obviously, telling anyone that you draw superheroes for a living converts them to a 6 year old. The light comes back into their eyes, and they all want to tell you what Wonder Woman or Batman has meant to them in their life.  And that is all wonderful.  The worst response is having to listen to the same old yarn about how they USED to have a great comic book collection, but Mom threw it out.  Or questions as to the value of the stack of 90's comics they found in a shoebox.  Boring.

3. Who has a cooler name, Pop Mhan or Van Jensen?

Fonzie thinks it's Pop Mhan

Frank Quitely.

Photoshop masterpiece!
4. If (or when) they make the movie, "Ethan Van Sciver's Day Off", what would that day include?

It would involve hang-gliding through the Air and Space museum in Washington DC whilst being chased by the Irish mafia, and end with me crashing a helicopter into the mouth of a giant Great White shark.  Probably an atomic explosion would occur.

5. What is the worst piece of advice you've ever been given?
not 90's, but still awful

Everything they were feeding us in the 1990's about what women want from men was incorrect.  

Justin Gray, still the champ!
6. Do you think it's true that Justin Gray can eat more chicken wings than Jimmy Palmiotti?

That's one of those assertions that I'd buy wholesale without requiring any proof or evidence.   I'd just recommend that those gentlemen replace some of those chicken wings with fish.  Much better for men our age.

Enough said

7. Which of the archetypes from "The Breakfast Club" would you best fit in?

I'm the principal. 

Once again, thanks to Ethan for doing this and having fun with it.  Stay tuned in the next few weeks for more Five Questions where we will try to find anyone who can eat more chicken wings than Justin Gray and Pop Mhan will get to defend his name as the coolest in the land.  See you then.

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