Monday, October 27, 2014

Just For The Hell Of It Mondays: Halloween Harley Quinn Tutorials

It came to my attention this weekend that it's the end of October and we have yet to put up anything Halloween related on this site.  Now Jim, he's an old man and forgets to take his pills sometimes so I can understand why he might of forgot or didn't care to put something Halloween oriented up........ Wait scratch that, he totally had the monster variant covers in his covers of the week feature.  So I guess I'm just the schmuck who hasn't done shit to celebrate his favorite holiday.  I'm a huge horror fan too and to think that I haven't taken something that I love and shoved it down all your throats....... Well I might have to have my fanboy card revoked.  Well as much as I love horror, I love something else dealing with Halloween more.  That's right woman dressing sexy and more importantly dressing like sexy DC characters.  Yeah, I'm a bit of a creep, but it's what Halloween is all about nowadays.  Looking at scantily clad women and not getting yelled at for staring.  I don't care if you have other ideas about the holiday, I'm sticking with my beliefs.  So with that, we'll be looking at a tutorial for any woman that wants to dress like Harley Quinn, but just doesn't know where to start or how to go about it.  That's right I'm a giver........... by stealing someone else's videos and showing it here.  Giver.  So let's check it out and hopefully it gives you a bit of an idea on how to go about dressing like Harley Quinn.  I guess you guys could go as Harley as well, but don't expect the ogling I promised.  Happy Halloween and I'll see you all in November.  I expect pictures ladies........... That's right, I'm that kind of creepy.

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