Saturday, November 1, 2014

'Batman Eternal' to Run for Second Year

Holy good news, Batman! Scott Snyder, current writer of the main Batman title stopped by /r/ComicBooks on Reddit for an AMA and it was magical. The highlight of the event was when Snyder revealed that 'Batman Eternal'--DC Comic's weekly year-long Batman series--would be continuing for a second year. When asked if there was any truth to the rumors that the series would be going on a hiatus in March, Snyder responded "Yep! The story ends in March and then we'll do a year 2 after a break (we have to get WAY ahead on a weekly series before it starts coming out)."

Based on confirmation from Snyder that the series would be going on hiatus, this leaves speculation open as to why there's a hiatus necessary. Right now, the top belief is that DC is planning a two month event spanning over all its books as the company packs up its offices in New York and relocates it base of operations to California. Either way this is great news if you're a fan of the 'Batman Eternal' series. 

Personally I've enjoyed what I've had the chance to read from 'Batman Eternal" so far, but I hesitste to get excited for a second year of this story until I see where it ultimately goes. Weekly books can be difficult for writers in the comic industry, sustaining a story over 60 issues.  

During the same AMA Snyder also revealed that in his new arc "Endgame", you'll finally see just how long they've been planning to do this story arc for. I, myself, was fortunate enough to get a question answered by Snyder. I've really been digging DC's 66 Batman stuff, especially in regard to the weird and obscure villains that live in that Gotham, so I asked Scott which obscure villains he'd like to introduce into his Gotham. While I didn't get a straight answer, I was still given a satisfying one: "I'm going to introduce some in Endgame and then right after, so stay tuned. (I love the animated for that - when Paul D. and co tried to do condiment king?)". 

What do you think about 'Batman Eternal' running for a second year? Sound off in the comments. 

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