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DC Comics Best Covers of the Week 12/27/14

I don't want to offend anyone, so I'm going to stick with the generic "Happy Holidays" this week.  I guess I could be like Eric, who says, "Merry Holidays".  He also says things like "Top of the Easter to you" and "Good Afternoon Halloween".  Eric sure is strange. Usually a Holiday week means only a few comics, but not this year.  DC dropped a crap load of comics on us on December 24th (That's the day Eric wishes people a "Winsome Christmas Eve") and it's been a struggle to get all those reviews up while celebrating the Holidays.  While we're still not close to being done, I have at least looked at the covers.  I'm good like that. There are some really good ones, including more Ryan Sook coolness, a bloody Deathstroke, and a Gorilla Grodd sighting.  Next week there is only going to be the three books hitting the shelves, so I won't be doing a best of the week.  Instead, I will undertake the task of bringing you the Covers of the Year.  I'm a glutton for punishment.  Enjoy the covers.

Cover of the Week

Grayson Annual #1 (Mikel Janin)

Fellow Dick Grayson/Nightwing fans have given me crap, but I have really come to enjoy Grayson.  One of the biggest reasons is Mikel Janin's art.  It is so good and while I was a bit disappointed that he wasn't doing the interiors of this Annual (or the Grayson Secret Origins story), this cover makes up for it.  It's like a movie poster for a summer blockbuster that I want to see now.  I especially love the background which ties in nicely to the Annual's villain.  Great job all around.  My review for the annual is HERE.

Runners Up

Aquaman #37 (Paul Pelletier)

I made a promise months ago that any cover with Gorilla Grodd makes the list.  I'm a man of my word, so here is Paul Pelletier's cool cover for this month's Aquaman.  I don't know what Arthur thinks he's going to accomplish with that fists together mega-punch, but my money is on Grodd.  My favorite part are the cheering gorilla's in the background. Doesn't Gorilla City look like a fun place to live?

Deathstroke #3 (Tony S. Daniel)

What a bloody good cover.  Tony S. Daniel really likes to draw dismembered limbs, sliced up guts and buckets full of blood.  Am I sick for loving it so much?  This cover gives potential buyers a good idea of what's inside, but like the book, I love the mystery of it all.  Who are those Jawa looking guys in the background and where did Slade get that kick ass scarf?  I want answers.  My review for the issue is HERE.

Red Hood and the Outlaws Annual #2 (RB Silva)

RB Silva nails the Holiday spirit with this one.  Santa Jason brandishing a candy cane, Starfire as Mrs Claus and Roy with his awesome wooden missile launcher and sword. Something tells me if you sit on Jason's lap, he'll cut to the chase and shoot your eye out for you.  I don't know about you, but if this cover doesn't inspire at least one cosplay group, I'll be very upset.

The New 52: Futures End #34 (Ryan Sook)

I blame my love of Japanese tentacle porn for how much I love this cover.  Nothing like an overpowered Superhero and his octopus friend exploring their feelings.  What? That's not what it's about?  It is to me...It is to me.  Eric's review is HERE.

Speaking of podcasts (we were talking about podcasts, right?), Eric and myself will be joining Mike Blanchard of the famous GeekCast Radio Network tonight for a little round table discussion on the recent DC cancellations and the upcoming Convergence event.  We'll see how it goes, but personally, every time I think about Convergence, I get a headache.  I do have strong ideas about my top 5 sports movies and what I do and don't like on a Hamburger so I'll be good if those subjects come up. Wish us luck, especially Mike who has to deal with two uninformed knuckleheads.

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