Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Injustice: Year Three #14 Review

Written by: Tom Taylor
Art by: Bruno Redondo, Xermanico and Juan Albarran
Cover Price: $0.99
Release Date: December 30, 2014

Heart's Desire

Injustice has made it's name for crazy death and destruction.  That's what pushed Year One into the stratosphere and what still keeps the machine moving forward.  Tom Taylor has done so well as the conductor, but now his time is ending.  Yep, this is Tom's last issue and while it still doesn't seem right, this issue (and the first part of the "For the Man Who's Lost Everything" story line) did.  After all the death and dismemberment, Taylor leaves the book with Superman and the World at peace.  Not the tyrant driven peace, either.  I don't know how if these last two issues will change Superman or the story going forward, but I certainly loved them and they serve as a fitting end to Tom Taylor's run.  Thanks for a great book, Tom.

For the uninitiated, Superman is in a coma/sleep where he is "dreaming" of what could have been.  Fans of Alan Moore and the Justice League Unlimited cartoon will feel right at home right down to the awesome play on the title.  Last issue, Batman straight up murders the Joker and turns himself in.  This issue starts with the birth of Superman and Lois' daughter, Lara, and continues way into the future.

After last issue, I really expected this arc to focus on the ramifications of a world without a Batman.  I was dead wrong.  Batman killing Joker and giving up the cowl was only a means to an end.  This issue is about Superman having a great life, plain and simple.  He gets to watch his daughter's first steps, first word, first flight...and grows old with Lois.  Tom Taylor threw a curveball by walking the straight and narrow.  Just when you think the other foot would drop and disaster would come barreling in, it didn't. I think we got to see Superman's and Tom Taylor's "heart's desire".

The big question is. "where do we go from here?"  I'm not talking about Brian Buccellato taking over because I'm sure he'll do fine.  I'm talking about Supes.  Lois mentions the "voices" at the end and I'm guessing those are the people gathered around his body.  I'm sure that Sinestro is the loudest...he's such a jerk.  I'm really looking forward to what this dream does to Superman when he wakes up.  My guess is it only reminds him of what he's lost and he goes completely nuts.  If only he could change for his daughter and appreciate what Batman was willing to do for him.

Bruno Redondo, Xermanico and Juan Alberran (the tricephalic  art team of awesomeness) do a great job on art as usual.  I put down their Joker a bit last week, but this week they nail everything.  What makes that so impressive is the amount of guest heroes this issue.  Midnighter, Plastic man, Krypto...all of them look great.  The highlight, however , was Lara Lane-Kent.  She looked perfect as the daughter of Lois and Clark and I loved the shirt she wore as a young lady.  So good.

On a side note, when you read the issue, take a look at the heroes gathered for Lara's big speech.  It was a nice touch to see key members of both Team Superman and Team Batman together.

Bits and Pieces:

I love Injustice and I love Tom Taylor.  This two part Superman side-story was a great way for him to say goodbye and while I am so sad to see him go, I'm glad for everything he's done.  Thank You, Tom.



  1. I agree that this last story arc was great. It's clearly a dream sequence of how the Man of Steel would have wanted things to unfold...even to the point of him and wanting a girl (in the video game), he knows that he had a son. I hope that plot twist was done on purpose and that superman recognizes it in the next issue. Beyond that, the story itself was excellent.

  2. I like how theres the little refrences to other comics.
    The kingdom come superman he becomes, all the characters like krypto midnighter and plastic man. I think the biggest though is Lara. When I saw the scene of she and her dad looking down on the earth it hit me...She's the supergirl of the Dark Knight Strikes Again comic.
    In the end, i'm gonna miss tom taylor, this run was awesome!