Friday, January 2, 2015

Green Arrow #38 Preview

Written By: Andrew Kreisberg, Ben Sokolowski
Art By: Daniel Sampere, Jonathan Glapion
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: January 7, 2015

After a near-death experience at the hands of John King, billionaire Oliver Queen must fight a foe he can’t just beat with sheer force!

I am looking forward to this so much and it's not just because Green Lantern is guest starring.........Even though DC decided to not even have that in the solicit.........  Wouldn't that be a selling point?  Anyway, I'm looking forward to this because since I've taken over reviewing this title when the new creative team took over, I've been completely wrong about everything and I'm hoping that if I just go with the flow and stop jumping to conclusions I might just come off like I'm not a complete moron.  I'm serious, I went along saying that Merlyn was the politician because his name was Arthur King and Arthur King was the name of the old Merlyn but then I went and found out that this dude's name was John King, not Arthur King........ If that wasn't enough I then went on speculating about having Malcolm Merlyn being the assassin like in the show and completely forgot about Tommy Merlyn..... I'm just a big bag of wrong and maybe after I'm done reading this issue I can get over that streak of nonsense.

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