Thursday, January 22, 2015

Arrow Season 3 episode 10 "Left Behind" Review

Life after Queen

On the dramatic side of the Flarrowverse(I know its lame, but I don't know what to call it at the moment), Arrow returns though not the character after his battle with Ras' Al Ghul. To those few who didn't know, Oliver Queen was killed by the master assassin. I seemed like one of the few people who realized there was no way he could win against him. The battle was depressing to watch as you know there is no way out and when the blade pierced our hero's chest, my heart shattered. Without the Arrow, who will protect the city! Except Arsenal...and Diggle...and now Canary...also Ray Palmer- Okay maybe it's not completely defenseless, but the spirit has been hurt. So how will our characters deal without our hooded vigilante? Let's dive in and see life without Arrow.

I would like to walk out the gate saying that everyone but one character really had awesome moments this week. This one character was Malcolm Merlyn. I get he is called The Magician, but all he did this week was just appear everywhere to deliver news. He did pull it together in the end showing(or feigning) guilt in his action that lead to the Emerald Archer's death. This episode definitely showed that the show didn't need Oliver Queen to keep it interesting. Diggle and Roy proved that they had the skills to defend the city while Oliver is gone. They had action scenes that really did impress me, especially against the new villain, Brick(played by Vinnie Jones). I was honestly a little nervous as Vinnie never did get a superhero role right(The Juggernaut for his first crime, and a criminal in the failed series The Cape), but he finally is able to step into a role that not only am I afraid of, but an actual threat. The only question I have for him is that how is he able to take the bullets? Is it mirakuru? We don't know. The biggest character moments this week however came from Felicity. Emily Bett Rickards did a phenomenal job removing the ditzyness from her character, and left us with someone broken. I felt the pain she was going through losing the man she loved. Her moments with not just her team, but Ray Palmer echoed most throughout my memory during the night. If I had to point to the best actor of the night, it would definitely be towards her memorable performance.

This was definitely a side character story, but it was a fantastic one. The story this week revolves around Team Arrow dealing with not only a plan Brick is putting together, but also the effect of their leader being dead. This gave the episode a good balance between emotional scenes and action scenes. We see our characters cope with the death in different ways and it is very interesting. Diggle questioned why he was doing the vigilante thing, Roy began to drink but also pick up the slack,  but Felicity just gave up, even after denying all the truth about Oliver. We get a set up for a big villain in the form of Brick, which might not seem as big as Ras' Al Ghul, but in Starling(especially with a missing vigilante) it is a threat. We get plenty of fantastic action scenes right from the get-go and a threatening introduction to our new antagonist. The last parts of the episode definitely made me wonder what the plan is going forward in the show, as we get the birth of a new hero and a surprise appearance.

Final Verdict
Just like it's brother show, The Flash, Arrow definitely got off on the right foot with the second half of the season. Not only did we get epic action, but better character moments. Felicity stood out most in the episode's emotional side, making me feel the pain she was going through. Brick was a great villain to introduce to the Flarrowverse(still trying to figure out a better name) in the wake of the Arrow's death. I can't wait to see what Starling will look like as more and more heroes arise to defend it, especially now with a large percent of criminals rising in it. Also(though at the way things are going I'm not surprised) I am happy to say that Arrow has been renewed for a fourth season.

To those who think I left out lack of Lazarus Pit, I was kind of okay with it, though I'm curious on how the surprise is going to "resurrect" Oliver Queen

That's my review for this week's episode! What are some of your predictions for what's to come! Leave 'em in the comment section, and i'll see you all next time!

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