Monday, January 19, 2015

Wonder Woman '77 #2 Review

Written by: Marc Andreyko
Art by: Drew Johnson and Matt Haley
Cover Price: $0.99
Release Date: January 15, 2015

Do a Little Dance

Wonder Woman '77 may have snuck up on me, but the first issue was so good.  Marc Andreyko showed right away that he understood the source material and fashioned a book that nailed the feel of the 70's TV show.  It didn't hurt that Drew Johnson made everything look fantastic from the Lynda Carter lead to Steve Trevor's molded hairdo and chest hair.  With the other Wonder Woman books not exactly up to par at the moment, Wonder Woman '77 is quickly becoming where I go to get my Amazon fix.

Last week's issue set up Diana and Steve Trevor on a mission to protect a Russian scientist who didn't want to be protected.  If that doesn't sound fun enough, the two go undercover in the hottest discotheque where the Russian and anyone who matters is boogieing down to the sounds of...Silver Swan?!?  It was such a great issue that could have easily been an episode of the television show and had me anticipating this issue the minute I put it down.

While Steve moves in on the Russian, Silver Swan makes Donna Summer jealous with her latest hit.  It's no shocker that she is evil and is using her disco-fueled warbling for no good, but that doesn't make it any less awesome.  Her song hypnotizes everyone in the disco except Diana and some gangsters.  Drew Johnson and Matt Haley give the reader one of the best Wonder Woman transformations I've seen in years and she goes right to work disarming the thugs.  It's yet another moment that is straight out of the television show.

The issue continues with Wonder Woman having to deal with the hypnotized club goers and ends with her face-to-face with someone she really doesn't want to hurt.  I'm sure it's easy to tell that I loved this issue.  I was a kid in the 70's and used to watch the television show religiously and this book gets everything right.  It's a fun trip down memory lane for me, but is also just a great Wonder Woman book.

I already mentioned Drew Johnson and Matt Haley's art and let me tell you, this is one great looking book.  Everything is appropriately awesome and fits the tone of the story and the source material.

Bits and Pieces:

This book is quickly becoming my favorite Wonder Woman book out today.  I know it's a bit early to make such grandiose claims, but Marc Andreyko obviously loves the source material as much as a certain comic book reviewer.  Drew Johnson and Matt Haley make everything look great and I suggest that every Wonder Woman fan check this out.



  1. This book is AMAZING. I am loving every second of it. Awesome story. FANTASTIC art. instant classic!!!

    1. I love it as well. It's my favorite Wonder Woman book out right now.