Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Flash: Season Zero #10 Review (Spoilers)

Written by: Andrew Kreisberg
Art by: Marcus To
Cover Price: $.99
Release Date: January 12, 2015

Smoak Signals - Part 2 of 2

Like I said last week, my limited experience with CW's Arrow made this story a bit confusing for me going into it and this week is no different. Despite all the confusion this issue had a lot to offer--a great presentation for the story and awesome art being the two big ones for me.

On the story side of things it's clear to me that they are trying to set up for something bigger although which form of media that plays out in I can't quite say. For all I know they're setting up an event for the TV universe and it slid right under my nose. It kills me to admit that.

What I do know for sure is that Drones were attempting to kill Felicity Smoak and they were being controlled by a female who promises that she will get Felicity Smoak at some point. It's nice to see that even though Flash is the hero of this book they are taking the time to set up another character as having great potential for short back up stories from time to time.

The art in this book was a bit looser than I am used to seeing in this book and I really enjoyed that style. Too many times media tie-in comics struggle to look exactly like the property they are tying into. This issue took a chance to step away from that look while still clearly being set in the universe of Flash.

All in all this was a fun little read and was a story I will have to revisit after I have taken the time to catch up on both of my shows. On the bright side the next issue of this series will be starting an arc with King Shark. Based on a quick Google search it looks like King Shark has a lot of potential for an awesome story with some darker art. Here's hoping.

Bits & Pieces

Following media tie-in series can be incredibly difficult when you aren't up-to-date on the actual series that the book is based on, but the stories can be awesome nonetheless. Despite the vibe I gave off above I was really into this story and thought it had a lot of positive points but I also hope that the next issue is a bit more of a straight forward comics, without as much necessary understanding.


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