Friday, January 23, 2015

Green Lanterns: New Guardians #38 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Justin Jordan
Art By: Diogenes Neves, Ronan Cliquet, Mar Deering, Wil Quintana, Andre Dalhouse
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: January 21, 2015

The Talk

*Non Spoilers and Score At The Bottom*

Now that we're in a post GODHEAD world, it's time to see where our favorite White Lantern: Kyle Rayner goes from there.  You gotta understand, with Kyle going nutso with his Life Equation powers and turning Carol into his long dead girlfriend Alex, there's going to be some 'splaining to do.  Also it will be fun to see Kyle not hindered by the Guardians following him around all the time....... with their secrets and lies............ Man I don't trust these Templar Guardians anymore.  That doesn't matter though because we're about to get to the new status quo of New Guardians!.............. Before it's final issue in two months......... Now I'm depressed, I guess we should check this out.

Explain It!:

Our issue begins with a woman holding a child running for her life from some unseen monster as we see her people are evacuating.  She throws the child up to a ship taking off so that the child might live and we end this cold opener with the alien woman looking in horror at the monster that approaches but then it looks like the monster is sucked into a blackness above it........... Alright, call everyone back, crisis is adverted  A bit of a fun callback........ or call forward as I guess it would be is that the woman who saved the child is Saysoran, who we saw in the New Guardians Futures End tie-in that fought Kyle Rayner since he was a mad god recreating the universe with the Life Equation............ Five Years From Now is awful.  So yeah, fun reintroduction.  Hopefully this means that the events of the future have been rewritten and Futures End will never happen.

Over on Zamaron, it seems like Carol Ferris and Kyle are kind of taking it easy after the events of GODHEAD but it looks like it's finally time for the talk they need to have.  Justin Jordan brings up a good point in this issue about Carol and Kyle's love for one another.  Since Carol needs to love for her powers to work, does she simply love Kyle because she loves what she can do or is it the real thing?  Also for Kyle, does he simply love Carol because she's the only woman in his life?  All are good questions but like most things in life when it comes to emotions and love, it's complicated and will take more than a simple talk to make things right.............. Especially since a giant freaking fireball comes crash landing on Zamaron!  Kyle and Carol go investigate and we see that it's the monster from the opening scene that was chasing Saysoran............ and somehow they come to the realization that this was a message meant for Kyle.......... I don't know how he can get anything done with all his jumping to conclusions, but after backtracking the creatures course they come across Saysoran's abandoned planet Susurrus, where they find Saysoran ready to attack the two.

In the end, we find out that............. yes, Kyle was right, the monster was a message for him and the thing that flung the monster to Zamaron was the dark version of Kyle that he created with the Life Equation: Oblivion.  It seems strange calling this character back so soon, but it looks like Kyle's going to have to fight his smoke monster darker self.  Really with how he learned to use his powers in GODHEAD, this feels like he should be able to take Oblivion down no problem and with only two more issues left, maybe he will.

That's it for this issue of New Guardians and while people love the intergalactic exploits of the Lanterns and the adventures they have, I love it when we can take a breather and see that these characters are still human and have feelings and emotions that need more than them hitting something to let them out.  I'm talking about the strange love between Kyle and Carol, which at this point looks like it might be over soon.  But I love these moments in comics and I wish there was time to see more moments like this, but with only two issues left to go, it looks like we'll have to get to some sort of ending and that ending looks like it will have something to do with Oblivion and the Life Equation.  As with the last two issues he's done, Diogenes Neves is just killing this killing is a good thing.  I love his art and I really hope that after this series ends we get to see him be a regular penciller on another book........preferably one that I review.

Bits and Pieces:

I really love seeing this issue having a callback to a character from the Futures End tie-in and I personally just hope that it means those events are getting erased and we won't have to face Five Years From Now.  More about this book though, I really love that we're getting the personal story of Kyle and Carol being addressed after the events of GODHEAD and I hope to see this continue until the end of the series in March.  Go check it out because with the final issues by Justin Jordan and Diogenes Neves, you'll definitely want to see what the future holds for Kyle Rayner.


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